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What Should and Should Not Go in Concierge Resume to Get the Chance of Getting a Job

The job of concierge is not as simple as how it looks, you know. There is more to it than what meets the eye. Among the things they have to do, they are responsible for making travel arrangements for the customers, storing luggage, and providing the information they need.

If you take a liking to this line of work, you are free to apply yourself for the job when it is open for new employee. Don’t be too careless when you make your concierge resume though. There are things you should and should not do after all. Let us tell you about them.

1 – Concierge Resume Thing to Do & Not Do

Resume is one-page writing, but do remember that it is not one-page story. Sure, you can say that you are telling the story of your life in it, but it does not mean you have to make it into prose too. Resume is for applying for job.

Professionalism is expected in every line of work. It is not only about your conduct, but the resume you write to get the job as well. Unfortunately, storytelling is not how the resume document is supposed to be. It will be too boring to read when it is to apply for position.

2 – Concierge Resume Thing to Do & Not Do

Resume is not storytelling, but it is not academic writing either. That is why there is absolutely no need for you to use complete sentences. Making sentences with complete structure will make the resume too long to read. Did you know?

The employer might spend 6 seconds only to do quick read of each resume. You resume might end up in trash bin before they finish reading it. Besides, it is not so pleasant to read when the reader needs to get the info to sort the resumes out to find who’s best.

3 – Concierge Resume Thing to Do & Not Do

In resume, you will have to mention list of things, like the education, work experience, as well as skill and talent. Surely, you can’t possibly mention everything sentence by sentence, right? Remember that we need to avoid making it into prose.

That is why this resume advice suggests you to use bullet points instead. That way, you will be able to provide precise information. Such writing technique is efficient to make readers stay reading your writing since it is not boring to even read by themselves.

4 – Concierge Resume Thing to Do & Not Do

The last but not the least to consider is about avoiding the use of passive voice. Among the things that make concierge resume unprofessionally written, there is such sentence to concern about. So, make sure to always use active voice in every sentence you make in it.

Then, the resume won’t sound too academic yet still professional for the needs. After all, resume is like brief story of your life. The employer only needs to know what’s important so they can quickly make their decision too.

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