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Attorney Resume in 9 Tips that You Must Know

Have you ever heard about the attorney resume? It is the document that must exist when you plan to be a lawyer. Such as usual, the resume comes to ease the candidate to pass the administrative selection. So, they can continue to face the interviewer as soon as possible. Commonly, the resume highlights the objective and skills to attract the hirer’s interest. Your attorney resume template must be able to do it more. Find the best way to make it shine before the recruiters and interviewers. Find here!

What is Attorney?

In the world of law, people know about the lawyer and attorney. The attorney is the profession which belongs to the lawyer graduating from the law school. They can take practice law as a profession but they must pass the bar exam It eligibles to practice law within a specific jurisdiction.

Attorney Job Description

There are 3 main duties for the attorney during the work. In the resume, you out to express your ability to conduct these responsibilities:

  1. Provides legal advice to individuals who require proper representation in legal proceedings.
  2. They make sure that the clients (individuals & organization) receive maximum representation from the law.
  3. Responsible in charge of drafting and reviewing legal documents to be signed by their clients.

Attorney Skills Requirements

What skills do the hirer want to read from your attorney resume? Here, what to do:

  • Official Legal License

You cannot work without any license from the government. You have to pass the bar examination to gain this license.

  • Law Degree

Before you conduct the examination, you should have a law degree first as the requirement.

  • Training
  • You have to own one or some training certificate that you got during college while trying to complete a law degree.
  • Paralegal or Assistant

It is good for you who often work as paralegal or assistants to attorneys. Initially, you will talk to the clients to screen their case to determine if the attorney can handle the task.

  • Conduct Research

You should conduct research on behalf of the attorney for specific laws and securing legal documentation.

9 Tips to Build an Attractive Attorney Resume

Here are 9 tips making your attorney resume looks sweet and never boring:

1.     Keep It Short

The best resume design including for the attorney career is not more 2 pages.

2.      Education or Experience

You might confuse to highlight one of them first. Yeah, it depends on yourself whether you had ever conducted paralegal or not. If you have ever done it for 3 years, of course, you must highlight your experiences first.

3.      Make Short Narrative

Give a short narrative in your resume with adding action verbs. For instance; observe, finish, analyze, and so on.

4.      Adjust Your Resume

You cannot make one resume for all job positions or one part of the current profession. Consequently, it is very important to adjust the resume according to your focus, ability, the law case.

5.      Simple Layout

Avoid using color or image in the reason because it emerges bad sense. Use the simple format and do not use the strange font. It makes the resume difficult to read. Quite use the formal font and add points, title, and others.

6.      Highlight Professional Skills

Give your relevant professional skills such as the multilingual, computer skills, and so on.

7.      Highlight Your Publication

You might ever publish articles about the law on the internet or write a book about it.

8.      Add the Relevant Hobbies

It is such as sport hobbies, discipline, leadership, and so on.

9.      Correct it

Correct the resume before submit it is very great and may not skip. It will give a big effect on you. It is ready to save you from the grammatical error.

Okay, those are 9 tips to have an amazing attorney resume. Good luck and be a fair attorney!

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