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High School Student Resume: How to make it Cool and Effective?

Hi, students! Do you feel different from the common students around you? You will be divergent when you conduct more adult than them. It is such as looking for a job both part-time and full-time. Apparently, there is a high school student resume for you who want to use your free time. It will help you get the job that is suitable to your level and ability. Here, you are going to get some tips to fill your high school student resume template well. So, you can get your dream job and start to work.

What is Student?

A student is a person who learns something both at formal and informal education institutional. It can be whoever such as children, teenagers, and adults. Meanwhile, the high school students are them who have the age of 10 to 18 years old.

Student Job Description

The student should respond to their academic success. Like the students, they can show their sense of responsibility through:

  1. Academic integrity and honesty.
  2. Attend on time and provide participation in classrooms, laboratories, and seminars.
  3. Complete work on time
  4. Work on tasks while paying attention to the quality of work.
  5. Don’t make excuses for behavior.
  6. Establish careful and respectful communication with professors, colleagues, and other members of the community of higher education.
  7. Dedicate enough time outside the classroom for school or college work.
  8. Respect learning, social environment and adhere to policies in student constitutions
  9. Respect various opinions and ideas
  10. Identify, develop, and implement plans or knowledge

High School Student Skills Resume

Roughly, what skills that you can input in your high school student resume? Of course, the content is not the same as the job resumes. It turns out does not necessaries many skills to build a good resume such as below:

  • Budgeting or project planning
  • Auction or sale
  • Time or task management
  • Recruitment or training
  • Presentation or demonstration
  • Advanced with computers

Tips to build Effective High School Student Resume

The high school student resume is a different resume. It needs 7 steps to realize the resume which start from:

1.      Emphasize your education

You should emphasize your education, GPA, list any academic awards, or other achievements.

2.      Volunteer and extracurricular experience

Due to your work experience might be limited, emphasize your volunteer experience and any extracurricular activities.

3.      Emphasize leadership experience

Try to emphasize your leadership experience. You might have it when you were a captain or the vice president of your student council.

4.      List your skills

Your resume should include any skills that you have such as computer skills, language skills, or soft skills.

5.      Connect the resume to the job

Resume content must relevant to the job that you apply.

6.      Edit

Always perform proofreading your resume before submitting it to the employer. It must clean from the grammatical errors.

7.      Involve sample and template

The sample and template will help you to make the right resume without wasting time and money. Usually, you just follow the guidelines and replace the content with yours.

Unluckily, many students forget to write their objectives and to focus on the skills also qualification. Obvious, it is not good because they will skip the personal information. Precisely, you avoid those cases if you want to have a cool high school student resume.

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