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Receptionist Curriculum Vitae Template, Tricks, Tips, and Guidelines

Almost all jobs demand the candidate to have good communication skill. However, not all the jobs implement the skill to the partner directly. The receptionist is one of the careers always keep in touch with the people or guest. It needs a receptionist curriculum vitae template in case you want to focus on the career. The curriculum vitae is the essential element in the application job. Even, it has a more important role than the cover letter. So, make your curriculum vitae for receptionist as well as possible by using the right guides.

What is Receptionist?

The receptionist is the person who sits on the lobby, hall or most front of the company. It may work in a hotel, hospital, school, and so forth. The jobs are quite various such as serving the guest needs and some administrative tasks. As the examples are answering phone calls, making photocopies, distributing mail, signing for packages, and general office upkeep.

Receptionist Job Description

The receptionist curriculum vitae template is almost the same as the resume. It has a summary platform to describe the job description. You are going to do some duties such as below:

  1. Say hello, welcome, direct, and provide some information to visitors from the front desk.
  2. Answer screening and then forward incoming phone calls.
  3. Receive and also conduct daily mail sorting.

Receptionist Skill Requirements

Meanwhile, most companies require numerous skills for this career such as the following:

  • Have well work experience as a Receptionist, Front Office Representative or similar role.
  • You are proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Have hands-on experience with office equipment, for instance, machines and printers
  • You have professional attitude and appearance
  • It is able to show excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • You are resourceful and proactive when issues arise
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • You are Multitasking and time-management skills with prioritizing the tasks
  • Customer service attitude
  • High school degree for the minimum education background. In addition, certification in Office Management is a plus.

Trick, Tips, and Guidelines to write Excellent Receptionist Curriculum Vitae

Here are some tips, tricks, and guidelines to lead you to build the receptionist curriculum vitae template. Let’s start from how to write your curriculum vitae:

1.     Personal information

Talking about personal information is so large so that you cannot write all. Just give the information that the company really need. It is such as the name, address, contact person, and email to call you for an interview later.

2.     Relevant experience

Convey your relevant work experience to tell that you are capable because of the skills you have. It will ask the question of you are fit for the job.

3.     Receptionist skills

Just highlight your relevant skills for the receptionist career.

Next, it tells about the tips to write the curriculum vitae where you should use keyword and elaborate it. If you do not have the template on your PC, you can download the CV template on the internet. This electronic facility also eases you by providing the editable template. Meanwhile, the guidelines to write the CV:

·         Job Description: Tell in your job description that you are already ready to conduct all duties and responsibilities.

·         Qualification: Show your qualifications that are suitable to their demand

·         Willingness to work: Tell through your CV that you are willing to do all duties and responsibilities will full of spirit.

Okay, those are all about the receptionist curriculum vitae template. Make it brilliantly through those tricks, tips, and guidelines. Good luck!

Receptionist Curriculum Vitae Template Sample

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