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Administrative Assistant Resume, Requirement Skills, and Options

Being an administrative assistant is very exciting but it needs high accuracy. They who take this position are usually communicative, active, and multi-talents. It is because the job demands them to handle many things. By the way, you need an administrative assistant resume if you want to enter this field. You have to present it professionally to take the attention of the recruiter manager. Writing an administrative assistant resume can follow the format providing on the internet. Quite type the words on the search template and you will get a lot of choices.

What is an Administrative Assistant?

You are going to be busy because this job takes many times from you. However, no one regrets choosing this position because it becomes the best place to show off. It makes you more active at the office by managing, controlling, typing, filing, and helping your boss. Thus, you have to be really ready to run those all duties before you result in an administrative assistant resume.

Administrative Assistant Job Desc

  • Answering a telephone call then directs it to the relevant staff.
  • Make a schedule for appointments and meetings.
  • Make notes also minutes of meetings.
  • Order and record office equipment supplies.
  • Become a source of contact for staff and external stakeholders.
  • Create and prepare documents for meetings and business trips.
  • Processing incoming mail, packages, or shipments then points to the next section.
  • Welcoming and directing new visitors or staff
  • Write an email and publish it to the team and department on behalf of the team or senior staff.
  • Order and arrange trips for staff members
  • Trying to improve the administrative process

Administrative Assistant Skill Requirements

Have you been sure to write your administrative assistant resume after reading the duties? Wish you do not turn back and keep moving ahead. Even though, you should graduate from Business Administration Diploma or Bachelor of Business Administration. It will be better in case you have a Business Administration Certificate.

Besides considering the education background, some companies still ask for current skills. As the example is your capabilities in MS Office, with extraordinary Excel and PowerPoint knowledge. They also want to know your understanding of Google Docs work knowledge. Then, knowledge of projects and task management tools such as Basecamp, Trello, and Smartsheet.

Administrative Assistant Resume Options

By the way, there is one of the websites providing several administrative assistant resume templates. For more information, here are some resumes of the administrative assistant positions:

1.       Executive administrative assistant

2.       Entry level administrative assistant

3.       Medical administrative assistant

4.       Senior administrative assistant

5.       Legal administrative assistant

6.       HR Admin Asst


Those are 6 administrative assistant resume choices for you and all seekers. You must need it so much because it will deliver you to the great interview session. Choose one resume which is suitable for your goal and then makes it properly. Take the right format from the internet that is editable where it will ease you. Keep the focus on your goal! Do not forget to prepare other cases to face your interview later. Okay, happy trying and success!

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