Administrative Secretary Cover Letter to Complete the Resume

An administrative secretary is an important position inside a company. That is why the company always tries to find a good person to fill this position. When you feel that you could fill the needed position, besides the resume, you also need to make an administrative secretary cover letter.

A cover letter is an important document that could complete the sent resume. These two documents will be the base consideration by the employer. Especially the cover letter, this document is also useful to build the first impression of the employer while reading it.

What is an Administrative Secretary Cover Letter?

As we have said before, a cover letter is a document that is made to complete the resume. However, the cover letter and the resume is different. For a cover letter, you need to show more personal information with a purpose to make the employer knows who you are.

Inside a cover letter, besides telling about self-information, you also need to know the history of your works and the skills that you have. Of course, all information inside the cover letter should be relevant to the field of administrative secretary.

What is the Format of the Administrative Secretary Cover Letter?

A cover letter includes a formal letter but there is no official format for it. It means you could be creative in providing the shape of the letter. However, there is a common format that you may follow to ease you in making it as:

  • Details date of the letter
  • Detailed contact information
  • Formal greeting for the hiring manager
  • The opening paragraph to write the background
  • Middle paragraph to write your skills
  • Closing paragraph to write why you are suitable
  • Complimentary close
  • Signature

Tips to Make Excellent Administrative Secretary Cover Letter

To make a good cover letter, these are some tips to be considered. The tips are:

  • Find a valid template of the cover letter to ease you in making it
  • Prepare the relevant information before starting writing
  • Use a formal wording option and language arrangement
  • Make only a page document for the cover letter

Sample of Administrative Secretary Cover Letter

We have a sample of this cover letter to ease you in making it. Read the following sample of the cover letter below.

Dear Mr. Fanny

I am writing this letter in response to the needed administrative secretary. I believe that my experience could be the reason why I am suitable to fill the needed position.

I am a person with a bachelor’s degree in management. That is why I am familiar with the whole job desk as a secretary, especially administrative. On another hand, I also have experience in working as the administrative secretary in Yohan Company for around 4 years.

I am proficient in handling office software. Then, I am also familiar with some different tasks to be handled. Here, I attached my resume for further consideration. You could call me at (666)-112-2816 for further discussion. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the administrative secretary cover letter that you need to make when you want to join the company as a new employee. Make a good cover letter and get a larger chance to get the job!


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