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Graphic Designer Resume that Looks Artistic with 5 + Tips

As the graphic designer, of course, you will not satisfy only with the normal text-heavy resume. It is not only you but also the other people who move in this field. Usually, they want to have an anti-mainstream graphic designer resume. In general, their resume comes with high-art sense and definitely this case does not difficult for you. Unfortunately, making a different resume needs a long time and creative ideas. On the other hands, the resume should keep communicative and readable. However, everything will be okay as long as you use the right graphic designer resume template.

What is the Definition of Graphic Designer?

By the way, a graphic designer is a person who use image, typography, and motion graphics to create a piece of design. Those components belong to graphic design and graphic art. include. Afterward, the design will publish, print, or advertise in the media social.

Graphic Designer Job Description

The graphic designer summarizes the job description in three points includes:

  • Conceptualize the visuals according to the requirements.
  • Draw and layouts by hand or use design software.
  • Conduct test in various media.

Skill Requirements for a Graphic Designer

So, what skills do you have to complete your graphic designer resume? At least, there are 10 skills that you must have such as below:

  1. Concept visualization skill
  2. Able to operate the various graphic design systems
  3. Communication skill to keep in touch with clients, analyst, and other graphic designers.
  4. Use graphic designer programs to conduct branding.
  5. Perceive the multimedia process.
  6. Have interface and industrial design skills
  7. Have a technical skill on typography making
  8. Able to draw and sketch concepts on various platforms and media
  9. Have skills to operate software for editing
  10. Art direction skills

5 Steps to create a Perfect Graphic Designer Resume

At this time, you are going to find many steps to realize your perfect graphic designer resume. Exactly, there are 5 steps where it is easy to follow:

1.      Avoid word processing

Free your resume from the regulation of MS. Word which make the resume looks monotone. Apparently, a PDF format is better than Words because it does not have much regulation.

2.      Choose the right font

Use the trendiest font or typography but it keeps readable.

3.      Color consideration

Reading resume for the interviewer is something mainstream so that you have to work hard to chase their attention. Make them see and take your resume through the stealing sight tone touch.

4.      Be short

Most interviewers do not have many times to read a resume thoroughly. Consequently, make it short in A4 paper size and less than 2 pages. Push on your objectivity and lead to your online portfolio.

5.      Your contact information

Do not forget to give your portfolio link, email address, and telephone number.

Truthfully, 5 steps or tips above do not enough to impress your resume. In your graphic designer resume, you may not belie giving your information. Give your work sample, keep modest, show your personality, and aware of the resume update. Do not cheat, do not copy, consistency, make a cover letter, make a resume, and check it again. Okay, follow these tips and see how amazing the result is!

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