Attorney Recommendation Letter and Sample

If you have law school graduate who just passed state Bar exam, you have the duty to make attorney recommendation letterfor him to begin practicing law in professional firm. Workrecommendationletter such as this is oftenmade by professor to graduate or another attorney to colleague. Here’s how to do it.

How to Make Attorney Recommendation Letter

To make this career recommendation letter, one has to learn the procedure to do so. Knowing it should give you guide to properly make one from start to finish. It wouldn’t be hard to make it yourself from scratch. So, let’s get down to it right here below.

  • Address the recipient name in the intended law firm
  • Mention your intention to send the letter
  • Make it clear who you are supervising and recommend for job seat
  • Highlight the person’s good qualities
  • Encourage recipient for consideration
  • Put contact info for further inquiries
  • Place your signature

Tips to Create Attorney Recommendation Letter

Don’t just follow the procedure. You need to consider some tips too. They make better letter to make after all, so it is worth considering. In fact, they will have you learn in depth about recommendation lettertemplate. So, here are the tips to make the letter.

  • Be clear about all things, like the name of the recommended
  • Mention facts only about the person’s achievements
  • Make known his skills that make him fit for the job
  • Strongly show why you recommend him for it
  • Encourage the recipient to consider accepting him in the firm

Attorney Recommendation Sample

Now, this guide won’t be complete without us showing you how recommendationlettersample looks like. So, take a good look at what we have to provide you here. This attorneyrecommendation letter is one of simple kind, but enough to give you a picture.

Dear Ms. Lianley

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Ms. Aria Sweeney for the position of associate attorney atLian Law Company. As professor at Michigan Law School, I had been observing how she was doing as student of law school, from her academics to her internship. She graduated with good grade point average.

Her 3.65 GPA has let her pass the Bar exam on the first attempt. Judging from that, she is well prepared for an opportunity in the legal world. During her internship at Alcona County D.A.’s office, Ms. Sweeney had been assisting in grand presentations, trials, and hearings. She conducted researches for trial briefs.

She also provided assistance for district attorneys in the district. Her assistance includes preparation for misdemeanor and felony prosecutions, and preliminary hearings before local district justice. She has everything handled with confidence and integrity. She showed expertise in research and writing projects.

Her supervising attorneysgave her good scores and Ibelieve that you will be pleased to have her working in your company as well. Thus, I  encourage you to consider her for attorney associate position. Should you wish to inquire further, please contact me at (555)-477-3390 or mail me at

Respectfully Yours,

Roy Canford

Roy D. Canford

Michigan Law School Professor

Alcona County


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