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Data Entry Resume in 6 Steps to Arrange in Seconds

Being a data entry clerk looks cool and it easy to conduct. The fact, many people want to sit on the chair and facing the computer. it seems that this work is not difficult to obtain especially since you have prepared a data entry resume. This document is ready to carry you to the interviewer but you should make it professional. By the way, looking for the data entry resume format or template to realize it. For a moment, the resume is ready to attract whoever seeing it.

What is Data Entry?

The data entry is an employee working to put and upgrade data in the computer. It will need a keyboard and sometimes mouse to do it. On the other hands, it is able to scan manually.

Data Entry Job Description

Data entry professionals have an important role in managing information to meet the objectives. Usually, the resume will explain the ability of the candidate to reach the objectives. You should be able to show it by understanding all of the duties and ready to run it. Definitely, you will not write the responsibilities in the data entry resume. However, your resume must tell about your ability and knowledge. For your information, here are some duties which you will conduct:

  1. Take raw information in the form of handwritten documents, spreadsheets, number sequences, lists.
  2. Enter the information in the company’s database.
  3. Enter data quickly and accuracy
  4. Maintenance data quickly and accuracy
  5. Using a company’s software program. Later, the company uses the information for analysis or other objectives.

Data Entry Skill Requirements

It seems so busy to be a data entry clerk but in fact, the skills and qualifications are not difficult. You only should:

  • Prepare at least a high school diploma until the bachelor degree.
  • Have experience in computer operation.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Able to type with high speed, efficiency, and agility
  • Have detailed orientation and accuracy
  • Master of basic knowledge about word processing, spreadsheets, and databases

How to write a High-quality Data Entry Resume

How many steps you should pass to compile the awesome resume? Apparently, your data entry resume only needs 6 steps to arrange such as below:

1.      Basic Information

You have perceived with the basic information mean. Yeah, it only states about your name, address, phone number, and email.

2.      Objectives

It states about the reason you apply for the job and why they must accept you.

3.      Strength

The strength is the same as the skills and qualification. Note: only enter the strengths relevant to the job.

4.      Work Experiences

Just mention your prior ventures as the data entry employee. Do not forget to give the address of the company and your responsibilities.

5.      Education

List from the last education from the latest and the address of the school.

6.      Personal Information

It informs your status, date of birth, and hobbies.

Well, those are 6 steps to make a stunning data entry resume. Besides that, there are 6 qualifications which you must have. Now, sharpen your skills if you are still studying at school and do not have any experience. You can pay attention to those points and highlight your skills. Do it well!

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