Freelance writer cover letter and its great sample 

A freelance writer usually will create a work of fiction and non-fiction for a variety of clients. Besides, the types of writing covered for this freelancer also will be different depending on the situation and the condition. Therefore, you need to understand more about the job description to make your Freelance writer cover letter great.

To make a great Freelance writer cover letter format, you should understand more about this job description. Moreover, if you want to grab the client’s attention, you also need to pitch your skills and prove that you are the best person for the job. Here are the steps that can be followed.

How to make a Freelance writer cover letter

You can make this cover letter easy to read if you can follow some steps below. The steps are easy to apply so that your Freelance writer cover letter idea will be great to read.

  • To make a great cover letter, you can start by making a list of everything you are good at such as the skills, education training, and the achievement
  • You also need to decide which type of job you are going after
  • Your cover letter will be great if you can stop the unnecessary space wasters
  • End your cover letter by giving detailed information for you to arrange a further discussion

The tips to write a Freelance writer cover letter

Besides, you also need the following tips that will make your Freelance writer cover letter format impressed the reader very well. Here are some tips to apply:

  • Remember to present your relevant work history and skills suitable for the job you are applying for
  • You also need to seek an entry-level position for a few years
  • You can expose your relevant achievement in your cover letter to make a great job interview
  • Write it concisely to make the readers can read it as well

The Freelance writer cover letter sample 

Furthermore, you also will need a Freelance writer cover letter sample that will guide you as your reference when you write the cover letter. You can feel free to use this sample for your cover letter.

Dear Mr. Enderson 

I am applying for the freelance writer position that has recently opened up at your company. I have submitted my resume along with the letter of introduction for consideration. I know that my writing style and editing skills will be great by your company Career for Writer. 

I have been writing for more than six years and I have published works that can be supplied upon request. My interests are many and I have the capabilities to write on any topic that you will supply or can come up with my own ideas for the situation. 

I know that it will take a creative person to have the ability to write multiple topics. In this way, I know that my creativity in my writing style will be a good addition to Career for Writer. 

To get further information and discussion, feel free to contact me at any time at (666) 888 5637 or email me at


Joan Jason 

With that idea, you can write a Freelance writer cover letter easily. The tips and the sample will lead you to write a proper cover letter as well.



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