Nurse Extern Cover Letter and Its Sample

If you are looking for a job vacancy as a nurse extern, there will be many hospitals that need you. After you find the relevant job vacancy, you have to apply for that job as soon as possible. However, there are a few documents you should prepare including a nurse extern cover letter.

How to Make a Nurse Extern Cover Letter

This is like the common application letters. However, it is specific for the position of a nurse extern. You have to be careful so that you can create it correctly. In creating such a letter, you need to follow the step by step in detail below:

  • Firstly, you have to find the proper format.
  • After that, you should follow it well.
  • You also need to know and follow the rules.
  • You can begin writing the letter by stating your aim that you are applying for the job.
  • Then, you must explain why you become a good candidate. You may state your educations, work experiences, etc.
  • In the end, you are required to include your phone & email and request for a further interview.
  • Lastly, do not forget to sign off the letter.

Tips for Creating a Nurse Extern Cover Letter

It is a challenging task to create a nurse extern application letter. So, you will have to consider the following important & useful tips to make your application letter effective. The detailed tips can be seen below:

  • First, you have to follow the rules and format as well.
  • Besides that, this kind of letter must also be written in good grammar.
  • In addition, you should also use polite language because it is a formal letter.
  • Furthermore, you need to keep it simple, concise, and understandable. So, ambiguous words must be avoided.
  • Moreover, you are required to attach supporting documents like certificates, CV, recommendation letters, etc.
  • One more, you have to send it soon before the job vacancy is closed.

Nurse Extern Cover Letter Sample

You can create your own cover letter easily. However, you need to pay attention to the following sample for your reference.

Dear Ms. Betty,

I’m applying for a nurse extern at MyHealth Hospital. I have read the requirements and I meet them all. I also have other reasons why I apply for this job.

I am a fresh graduate of a nursing degree. I have no working experience but I got the best score for my thesis. I also became the best student at my college a few times. When I find this job vacancy, I think that it can help me get the experience and improve my nursing skills. This is the first time I apply for a job so that I am very excited.

I have the skills & abilities to be a good nurse extern. Hopefully, you can consider my application letter. I am available at (111)-111-1111 and


Sammy B.

That is all about a nurse extern cover letter. You can submit or send it in a printed document or via email. Anyway, you can use the sample and guidelines above for useful reference.


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