Junior Recruiter Cover Letter for Apply a New Job

In applying for a new job, making a cover letter is a must. This kind of letter is a document that will be the introduction of your whole document. That is why when you want to be a new junior recruiter in a specific company, you need to make a good junior recruiter cover letter.

The cover letter here will be the first matter to be seen by the recruiter. The focus of this piece of paper is showing the skill that you have. With the detailed skills written in the cover letter, the recruiter will see you as a potential employee. It means a cover letter without a skill explanation is nothing.

Tips to Write a Good Junior Recruiter Cover Letter

It can be said that a cover letter is a very essential document to be inserted when you want to apply for a new job. That is why you need to be careful in writing this letter.

These are some tips that maybe could be a guide when you want to write this kind of letter. Some tips for it are:

  • Look for a template of the cover letter to find its format
  • Insert the basic information, such as name, address, contact number, and others
  • State the arguments clearly and deliver some facts about your experiences
  • Use a good writing style with a formal language option
  • Avoid using ambiguous words
  • Be concise and tell the only important information
  • Make a page of cover letter to increase its readability

Sample of Junior Recruiter Cover Letter

We have a sample of the cover letter to help you become a junior recruiter as you want. This sample can be a reference and thing to learn about what to write inside it and how to arrange detailed information to get the attention of the recruiter.

Read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. Kean

I am applying for the junior recruiter with Max Group Service and I am very excited about the chance to join with your company. I am a person with a very persuasive personality and friendly, which becomes a cause of why I am appropriate for this position.

I also have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and I joined with some extra courses about human resources. While I am in my study, I have experience working as a customer representative. That is why I am familiar with a new person with kinds of different characteristics.

During this time, I have better communication and interpersonal skill –those skills that are very essential for a junior recruiter. I am confident that those skills will help me to maximize my role based on the targets of the company.

Of course, I always try to learn about new things that could be useful for me in running the new role as a junior recruiter and help your company to get more profit. I hope to meet you soon to discuss the more particular things, especially about the job.



The sample of the junior recruiter cover letter can be another reference for you. Read the sample and arrange your best cover letter!


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