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Phlebotomy Resume and How to Write the Best One

Phlebotomy is someone who have the contribution for the healthcare industry. Well, they are the medical professional that has the primary task to draw blood from the patients inside the hospital, diagnostic laboratories and blood donor center.

For those who have skills in this field, I am sure that applying this job could be nice thing to do. However, you need to make the phlebotomy resume before applying the job.

Something that you need to know is resume is an important document. It is the first requirement when you want to apply this job. By making the resume, you could build your own personality and build condition that you are suitable to be professional phlebotomy.

Here, we will talk to you about the ways in making the resume of phlebotomy. I am sure that when you know the ways in making it, creating resume of phlebotomy will be easier.

Kinds of Phlebotomy Resume

Before talking about the ways in making the excellent phlebotomy resume, it will be good when you know the kinds of resume of phlebotomy. By knowing the kinds of the resume, of course, you are able to make the specific resume based on what you need.

The kinds of the resumes of phlebotomy, are:

  • Entry level phlebotomy resume
  • Phlebotomy technician resume
  • Phlebotomy supervisor resume
  • Phlebotomy instructor resume

Well, seeing the points as above we may see that there are some specific positions in becoming the phlebotomy. Seeing the kinds of the positions, you also know that the specific phlebotomy needs specific resume, too.

How to Write Phlebotomy Resume?

Since the resume is an important document, knowing the ways to make the right phlebotomy resume is needed. It will help you to create the best resume. Here, we will deliver the format of the right resume that you may follow.

The format of resume of phlebotomy are:

  • Summary

Summary becomes the opening of the resume. Here, in order to make right resume of phlebotomy, please create some lines of summary. The summary tells about your interest in phlebotomy. Then, it will be good when you avoid using ā€œIā€ in making it.

  • Profile

The second part of the resume is profile. To impress the readers and recruiters, write the complete profile data. It will be good when you also include the certificates that you have since it is relevant with the phlebotomy field.

  • Experience

Recruiters will give the plus point for the seekers that have experiences. Well, based on this face, it will be nice when you add the experiences in making the resume. Write some relevant experiences with the field of phlebotomy to gain perfect personality.

  • Education and training

Another matter to include in creating the resume of phlebotomy is education and training. Here, you need to write down your background of education. Of course, you should have the relevant education background based on the requirement of phlebotomy. Then, add some trainings that you have followed.

  • Additional information

In the last, it will be better when you write some additional information, such as the soft skills, unique attributes and others. It could be the consideration for the recruiter before apply you as new employee.

That is all about the phlebotomy resume. Do some researches in order to find the examples of the resume.

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