Surgical Tech Cover Letter and Its Sample

If you want to be a surgical tech, it is time to write and send a surgical tech cover letter. This is your introduction to the hiring employer. To impress him/her, you have to present your skills, abilities, etc. that relate to the position you are applying for.

How Many Days Does a Surgical Tech Work?

Usually, a surgical tech works only three days. Many hospitals usually only require 3, 12-hour days to get 40 hours. Some others require another half-shift to get the 40. Different facilities may give different on-call status. This is flexible and decided by supervisory personnel. It depends on the staff unity.

How Much Does a Surgical Tech Program Cost?

It is important to know how much money you need to spend for a surgical tech program. The cost of a certificate program in surgical tech usually ranges from 5 thousands of dollars to 25 thousands of dollars. It depends on the school.

How to Make a Surgical Tech Cover Letter

There are a few steps to follow to write such a cover letter:

  • After creating an introduction, you can talk about your IT skills as well as technical experience.
  • Then, you may provide some key achievements with numbers in order to prove that you are the most ideal candidate for a surgical tech position.
  • Next, show the hiring employer why hiring you is the best decision.
  • After that, you can end the letter politely.
  • In the end part, don’t forget to put your signature.

Tips to Write a Surgical Tech Cover Letter

Here are a few tips for you who want to write a cover letter for a surgical tech position:

  • Use formatting & fonts to attractively present your information.
  • Organize your information concisely and neatly.
  • For most employers, your recent experience is very important information.
  • Never lie on it.
  • Be specific about your achievements, experience, and skills.

Surgical Tech Cover Letter Sample

Now, let’s see the simple example below! You can use it for your reference.

Dear Mrs. Angelia,

I‘m applying for the available position as a surgical tech at your hospital. I believe that I’m the best one for this job.

The attached resume details my skills, training, and experience. However, you can see my brief credentials. Currently, I earn an associate degree in the relevant field and I’m pursuing my bachelor’s. I also have the relevant certification.

I’m familiar with prepping the operating room. I can check the equipment to ensure everything is functioning and that the tools required for the procedure are available & sterilized. My knowledge to help the surgeon will be very useful for this job. I can even work in a fast-paced environment.

If you want to know more about me, let’s meet. You can contact me via phone at (111)-111-1111 or email at


Pat Laskey

That is all everything about a surgical tech cover letter. Now, you can write your own cover letter in the proper format by following the sample above.


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