Graduate Teaching Assistant Cover Letter and Its Sample

When you write a graduate teaching assistant cover letter, keep in mind to present your relevant skills and work history according to the position you’re applying for. Whether you seek an entry-level position or you’ve worked in this role for some years, don’t forget to expose your relevant achievements.

What Is a Graduate Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

This is a cover letter used to express your interest in an available position as a graduate teaching assistant. This cover letter should present any required information related to your strengths to impress the hiring employer and convince him/her that you are the ideal candidate for the opening position.

What Do You Include in a Graduate Teaching Assistant Cover Letter?

This cover letter should contain about 3 paragraphs. You have to begin with an introduction, continued to the body of the letter, and end with a conclusion. This cover letter should also include the details of the recipient and your signature & name.

How to Make a Graduate Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the step by step in writing such a cover letter:

  • Firstly, you will have to greet the hiring manager.
  • After that, you can begin the first paragraph by directly stating your interest in the specific available position.
  • Then, you should explain why you are applying for that position.
  • Next, you may state what appeals to you in the job description.
  • For the next step, you must highlight your previous job experience related to the position you are applying for.
  • Finally, you can create a closing paragraph and end the letter with your signature & name.

Tips for Creating a Graduate Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

There are some tips to consider when writing such a cover letter:

  • First, you have to tell the hiring employer why you are excited about the position & the company.
  • You should also state how the available position matches the goals of your career.
  • Then, you must connect the past accomplishments in 1 or 2 paragraphs.
  • In addition, you need to focus on your relevant experiences, skills, and qualifications.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Cover Letter Sample

The sample of a cover letter for a graduate teaching assistant position can be seen below:

Dear Mrs. Iriana,

I’m applying for the available position of a graduate teaching assistant at Michigan University as advertised on newspapers.

My bachelor’s degree in business management and administration will suit this position. My skills will also be useful to do all my duties. Currently, I work at a small college. However, I’d like to improve my career. So, working for a larger university is a good idea.

In my recent job, I’m responsible for taking part in discussions, assisting to find appropriate teaching materials, creating exams, grading assignments, evaluating grades, etc. I have excellent communication skills as well as reading comprehension.

I believe that I’m the best candidate for this opening position. You can call me for an interview by contacting me via phone at (111)-111-1111.


Roy Kanu

That is all about a graduate teaching assistant cover letter. You have to make it as impressive as possible so that the hiring employer will invite you for an interview. So, you’ll have the bigger chance to describe yourself.


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