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Event Planner Resume and What to Write to Create Best Documents

For those who love having agendas, especially handle the events, becoming the event planner sometimes could be right idea to get. The event planner plays a vital role in marketing and preparation. Yes, the event planner will make the planning about the whole events, so the events could run well.

Of course, based on the jobs, an event planner should have high motivation, goal oriented and high mentality. When you think that yourself have those attribute, of course you could join with agents that need event planner. Here, we will talk about the event planner resume.

You need to know that resume is an important document that you will need in joining with the agent. It is also called as the personal documents meant the document that will tell who you are. Resume in common becomes the first document read by recruiters and it will be the consideration for them to apply or not apply you as new employee.

Kinds of Event Planner Resume

Before talking more about the ways in making the excellent event planner resume, it is important for you to know the kinds of the resume of event planner. There are some kinds of this resume that you should know, as:

  • Corporate event planner resume
  • Wedding event planner resume
  • Party event planner resume
  • Coordinator event planner resume
  • Celebrity event planner resume
  • Conference event planner resume

Seeing the points as above, we may know that there are some specific positions of event planner. The specific position of it needs the different format and detail of resume. That is why you need to learn about what resume that is appropriate with the position of event planner.

What to Include in Making Event Planner Resume?

Since resume of event planner is an important thing, you need to know something to include inside this document. It will be nice when you make the objective in the first section in making the resume.

The objective is the part that show your ability and the reasons why you are fit to join as event planner. After it, write all personal data in the profile part. You need to mention the detail and complete personal data. Then, do not forget to show the working experiences, educational backgrounds and others to impress the readers.

Event Planner Resume Tips

There are some tips that should be your attention in making the resume. The tips are:

  • Make the resume of event planner in simply and concise. The maximal length of the resume is around two pages
  • Show the detail information, especially about your personal data
  • Highlight the specific position of event planner and show the reasons why you are suit on it
  • Use the up to date template of the resume

Mistakes to Avoid in Making Event Planner Resume

To get the perfect event planner resume, you also need to avoid some mistakes in making it. For the first, please make sure that there are no typos inside your resume. In other hand, avoid using informal writing style because the resume includes in formal document.

That is all about the detail event planner resume that you need to know. Do some researches in order to find the nice example of it.

Event Planner Resume Sample

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