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Sample Bartender Resume: Catch the Main Points

Where you can see a bartender? You must answer it in a bar or cafe. Apparently, the bar enters in the hotels, voyages, and the restaurants. Being the bartender looks so fun as with shaking the beverages. Nowadays, this page will talk about the sample bartender resume. Clearly, you will reveal what include inside. Of course, knowing it details in very important because this job starts to get many devotes. Thus, you have a lot of competitors and the bartender sample resume template will help you to defeat them.

What is a Bartender?

Usually, the bartender has a lot of fans where they sit or stands in front of the bar to see the action. Absolutely, what does it mean with the bartender? An individual who works to mix and serve drinks to the customers. The employee does it directly and through the waiter who orders drinks for dining room customer. For your information, this profession has numerous names. People also call it as the Barkeep, Barman, Barmaid, and Mixologist.

Bartender Job Description

Where you will write the job description in your resume? Generally, the sample bartender resume writes it in the summary or in the objective. The bartender, indeed, must understand various kinds of recipe drinks. Alongside that, the employee must be able to mix drinks accurately, quickly, and without waste. In detail, here are the other duties of the bartender:

  • Welcome customers, give them menus and offer new products.
  • Receive drink orders.
  • Pour wine and serve other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Mix drinks suitable to the recipe.
  • Identify customers for the legal drinking age.
  • Clean tables, stems and work areas.
  • Operate the cash register starting from collecting payments from customers and returning change.
  • Manage the operation and order of bars. It also maintains liquor stores and bars.

Bartender Skill Requirements

This page reveals that the bartender, at least, has 8 skills in their body. It consists of:

  1. Outgoing Personality

A bartender must have an open personality. This is very helpful for getting regular customers and higher tips.

  1. Good Communication Skill

The bartenders must be able to communicate clearly with their customers and know how to work as a team with fellow employees. Then, deliver the order and provide assistance when someone needs it.

  1. Wisdom

Becoming a bartender must be able to deal with difficult situations. Refrain from being angry or responding in a negative way. This ability is important when dealing with drunks who do not want to pay or fight with fellow employees.

  1. Strength, dexterity, and stamina

A great bartender has the power to help with whatever tasks are needed for service.

  1. Good Memory

Without memorizing hundreds of cocktails, you should be able to make cocktails without looking for recipes first. However, memorizing will help you make better drinks and pay better.

  1. Mathematical Skills

Mathematics is difficult but it is also necessary for a bartender. You should be able to add drinks and make the right changes after the customer pays their tab.

  1. Cleanliness

The bartender’s appearance and habits must be appropriate for guests. In addition, cleanliness will produce high-quality drinks, faster, leaner services, and drinks that are safe for consumption.

  1. Desire to Learn

The best bartenders always want to learn to find new drinks or new enthusiasm.

Tips to write the Bartender Resume

Okay, how to write the resume according to the sample bartender resume. Here are 5 steps such as below:

  • Start your bartender resume with your name, address, contact, and email address.
  • Write your objective
  • Write your skills
  • Add the work experiences relevant to this job
  • List your education

Okay, those are all things which you will see in the sample bartender resume. Let’s check it!

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