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Example Cashier Resume and the 17 Skills You Should Have

What do think about a cashier job? It looks exciting because they always hold money every time. That is true but it is not their real money and they have a heavy responsibility during their work. An example cashier resume will help everyone to try handling this responsibility. The sample that you get can be your guide to build a good result. However, only using the resume example for cashier does not enough. You still need some information and aptly tricks. Okay, get it here!

What is Cashier?

The cashier is the person or employee handling a company’s financial such as in the restaurant, hotel, store and so on. The most important thing is the company has a part involving a transaction with the customers. The cashier always works in front of the cash register to collect the customer’s payment. Alongside that, they also do ringing up the customer’s purchase.

Cashier Job Description

In front of the cash register, you are going to scan purchases and process transactions. Wrapping merchandise, welcoming customers to answer customer questions about merchandise and store policies can be the cashier’s job too. In addition, the process returns and exchanges, promote store credit cards and gift programs.

Cashier Skill Requirements

Most of the cashier job does not demand the current education level. Even though, each company often asks different skills for the candidates. In the example cashier resume, you may see some skills such as below:

  1. Basic mathematics
  2. Written and Verbal Interpersonal / Communication Communication
  3. Time management
  4. Product knowledge
  5. Phone Etiquette
  6. Customer service
  7. Dispute resolution
  8. Firmness
  9. Efficiency
  10. Flexibility
  11. Friendliness
  12. Basic Computer Knowledge (PC)
  13. Attention to details
  14. Sales
  15. Point of Sale (POS) System
  16. Positive attitude
  17. Punctuality

How to write an Elegant Cashier Resume

Is everyone needs the example cashier resume? Apparently, people who have experienced previous experience as cashiers are people who need an example of this resume. Meanwhile, there are some types of resume for the cashier. It is such as the resume for fast food cashier, grocery stores, head cashier, cashier supervisor, supermarket, and so forth.

By the way, there are steps that you should fill in the resume:

·         Basic Information: name, address, number (phone), email address

·         Summary: give the reason why you attract to be a cashier.

·         Work Experience: Mention the prior companies, position, and achievement

·         Education:  Write your final education in the form of name, field, address, and graduation.

Additional Information, tips to make a good resume for the cashier without experience:

1.      Choose a functional resume

List your skills to appeal the interviewers such as the soft skills and interpersonal skill.

2.      Push on education

Push on the education especially on the award, presentation, and score.

3.      Expose voluntary experience

You can add your volunteer experiences such as in informal organizations which contain a leadership sense. By the way, you may add your sports participation to say that you are ready to work in a team.

Okay, those are what you will see in the example cashier resume. Thus, everyone deserves to get the example of the resume to apply a cashier job vacancy. Just follow the tips today and you will result in an amazing resume that you never expect before. Good luck!


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