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Sample Security Guard Resume, Type, and 4 Tips to Realize

Are you planning to be a security guard? Get the sample security guard resume along with another information here. Absolutely, being a security guard is quite hard because it has a big risk. Therefore, each company needing this staff always demand current requirement. Definitely, you should really understand the skill and the risk. If you have been sure about it, you must show your professional resume to ensure the recruiter. Use the sample resume for applying security guard from this page. Of course, you will see some samples today.

What is a Security Guard?

The security guard is someone who has the task to protect a building, collect, and deliver a large amount of money. Almost all public places also have several security guards. It is such as a residence, hospital, bank, school, and so on.

Security Guard Job Desc

Apparently, a security guard has a lot of duties and responsibilities. During they do their job, they should:

  1. Conduct property patrols to monitor and prevent intrusion, damage, danger and security violations
  2. Protect property and tenants from damage, accident, theft, or violation.
  3. Provide safety and security for residents of buildings or public places.
  4. Investigate and identify suspicious, threatening and irregular activities.
  5. Respond to requests for help and alarms.

Actually, the job description for the security guard is more than 5. Exactly, the company will give you more information where not all companies have the same rules.

Security Guard Skill Requirements

It is better you perceive the skill requirements where you really should know it from the earlier. When you read the sample security guard resume, you may see a space to write your skill. Therefore, try to match the requirements below to your capability:

  1. Education and Experience
  • At least, you have a high school diploma or a GED certificate.
  • Hold state registration or license.
  • Has a valid SIM and a safe driving record.
  • Understand work knowledge about security operations and safety practices.
  • Understand correctly about law enforcement policies and procedures
  • Have a good working knowledge of safety equipment
  • Has no criminal history
  • Your age is at least 18 years and 21 years for certain positions.
  1. Main Competence
  • Has detailed and sharp observation skills.
  • Able to build good oral and written communication.
  • Have moral integrity and fitness
  • Reliability and dependency

Tips to make a Professional Security Resume

In this last session, you are going to complete your information with kind and tips. Below are kinds of the samples security guard resume that you can follow:

  1. Hospital Security Guard
  2. Armed Security Officer
  3. Event Security Guard
  4. Professional Security Guard
  5. Experience Security Guard

After getting the 5 sorts of the security guard, you still need the others. It is about tips to make it awesome:

·         Career Goal

Explain your career goals as a security professional. Then, explain how you will be a strong candidate as a security guard.

·         Achievement

Add any achievements that are relevant to security work.

·         Security Skills

Highlight all your skills and abilities such as managing security alarms, handling emergency situations, and similar tasks.

·         Work experience

Mention all your previous work. However, make sure that you only mention experiences that are relevant to this position.

Okay, those are some information about the sample security guard resume. As a high-risk job, you must give skill requirements as good as possible. Remember, this job may threat your soul so that keep being careful.

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