Graphic Designer Cover Letter to Make a Good Impression

When you want to join an agency to be a new graphic designer, these are some documents that should be prepared. Besides the resume, you need to make the graphic designer cover letter to get a new job. Yes, the cover letter cannot be separated.

The main function of the cover letter is to complete the resume. When you are writing a cover letter, please remember to write about the relevant work history in the field of graphic design. Besides, you also need to show the reasons why you are suitable for the needed position.

What is a Graphic Designer Cover Letter?

The cover letter is known as a document to be inserted beside the resume. This document will be the very first paper to be read by the employer before the resume. It means that this letter is also quite essential to build the first impression on the employer.

This letter tells about the personality of the candidate completed by the relevant history of working and the skills. However, a cover letter should be different from a resume. You cannot write a cover letter by only copy and paste the resume.

What is the Format of the Graphic Designer Cover Letter?

Substantively, there is no official format of the cover letter. However, this letter includes in a formal letter, so you still need to consider the arrangement of the information. There is a common format of the cover letter that you may follow:

  • Date of the letter
  • Contact information
  • Greeting or salutation to the hiring manager
  • Opening paragraph
  • Middle paragraph(s)
  • Closing paragraph
  • Complimentary close
  • Signature

Tips to Make Excellent Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Since the importance of a cover letter, these are some tips that should be known when you want to make it. Those tips are:

  • Find a good template of cover letter to ease you in writing it
  • Make sure that every information written inside the letter is relevant
  • Use a formal language option and writing style
  • Make the cover letter only in a page document

Sample of Graphic Designer Cover Letter

There is a sample of the cover letter for a graphic designer that can be an inspiration for you. Read the sample of it below.

Dear Mr. James

Through this letter, I want to show my interest in the vacancy as a new graphic designer at your company. As I found in the ad, your company, The Queen Graphic needs a new designer to fill the position. I am feeling confident that I could be a part of your company.

I have a bachelor’s degree in art. Of course, I have enough basic knowledge about art and some fields around it. Besides, I am also familiar with some art tools that are applied to make a design for different needs.

Besides, I also have long experience in working as a graphic designer. Before this, I worked as a graphic designer for around 4 years at Yoma Company. This job gave me many lessons and experience, especially in increasing my skills.

Here, I attached my resume for further consideration. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the graphic designer cover letter. Make a good cover letter to enlarge the chance of getting a new job.


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