Art director cover letter and its great example 

Writing an Art director cover letter will be hard especially to know what to include and how to format the cover letter. A great cover letter for this job position is important because it can help you to get hired at a new job. Since this job position has an important role, you also need to write the cover letter properly.

What is an Art director?

An Art director usually works in the advertising industry and she/ he is responsible to produce ideas for some campaign types. Besides, the media which is used this job target is like print, television, cinema, internet, radio, and many others. Moreover, the main responsibility of this job is collaborating with copywriters.

What are the important things to include in the Art director cover letter? 

Besides, you also have to know some things that are important to write in this Art director cover letter format. The most important thing to include in this cover letter is the reason why you are interested in this job position by talking about how your personality and skills align with what they do.

How to create the Art director cover letter?

Your cover letter will be interesting if you know some ideas to make this letter impressive. Here are some ideas that will make your Art director cover letter idea interesting.

  • Remember to include your full name and contact information at the top of your cover letter and begin your letter by respectfully addressing the recipient name
  • Mention where you find the job posting and use the first paragraph to explain why you will be a great hire as an art director
  • Write briefly on your body paragraph by discussing your experiences, qualifications, and accomplishment

Tips to write an Art director cover letter

Furthermore, you also need to know some tips to make this Art director cover letter document interesting. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • Remember to talk about your personality and skills align with what they do
  • Write about how your past work-life experience and skills meet the important requirements
  • Make sure to check for correct spelling grammar before sending the cover letter

The sample of the Art director cover letter

To facilitate your writing this letter, you can read the Art director cover letter sample that will help you to make the best cover letter without any difficulties. The sample also can help you to lead you to write the letter.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Blue, 

I was excited to see your online post for advertising in art director recently. I have great experience working on art print publication and I have relevant education with advertising with a minor in Art. Therefore, I believe I will be an excellent choice for this job position.

I have spent more than seven years working in my present position with the duties like leading all image products from conceptualization to implementation at a well-known magazine publisher. I also have supervised and worked as a team for the optimum success of the media product and pride myself on my creativity for dedication in every project. 

If you are interested and want to know more about me, you can contact me at 666-999-0002. Thank you very much for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you in near future.



Yellow Green 

Those ideas will help you to write a proper Art director cover letter without any difficulties. You can make your cover letter impressive as long as you make a good detail on it.



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