Visa application letter and its great sample 

A Visa application letter is usually used to help the visa application process for a person traveling into another country for a specific purpose. This letter is commonly written by a company, a friend, or a family member. Therefore, you need to write this letter properly to make the readers easily understanding your letter.

Commonly, a Visa application letter template is not required depending on the country the applicant is desired to travel to. This letter will be easier to read if you include detailed information about the planned trip. If you are confused to write, you can follow some ideas below to make it look great.

How to create a Visa application letter

To write this letter, you need to pay attention to some ideas below. With this idea, you can make your Visa application letter format easy to read. Here are some ideas to pay attention to:

  • You have to describe the clear goal of the travel to the destination country
  • You also can explain how will you manage your travel expense and you can write the proof for your sufficient funds
  • Remember to describe the source of income whatever it is
  • You have to describe if you have any sponsors from the destination country and explain your relationship with the sponsor and the reason sponsorship
  • You have to give an overview of our flight itinerary and mention the flight schedule and the schedule of your main planned activities destination

The tips to write a Visa application letter

Besides, you also need some tips to write this Visa application letter idea. The tips here will make your letter easy to read.

  • You need to explain why you choose the destination country for you going
  • You also need to explain why you are not submitting the document by providing the alternative document
  • Your intention to return to your home country also need to write clearly to make the visa officer believe that you will be back to your home country within the time
  • The letter should be written on company letterhead by a company official other than the applicant

The Visa application letter sample 

You also need to read the following Visa application letter sample that will lead you to write a great letter. Here is the sample of the letter:

Dear Consulate General of the Philippines,

This letter is to confirm that Mr. John Dalton I the International Director of Foreign Business Development at Corner Enterprise. Mr. Edward has been employed by Corner Enterprise for the past 10 years. We are submitting Mr. Edward’s valid passport and the required visa application material. 

Mr. Edward will be traveling into Manila for the purpose of attending a business meeting with Philippines Electronics. He will be meeting with the president company in that place. 

Mr. Edward intends to remain in Manila for a total of 10 days. He will depart from the US on October 11, 2015. Mr. Edward has the necessary funds in his possession for living accommodations and his return transportation to the US. 

Corner Enterprise guarantees that Mr. Edward will not become dependent upon the Philippian’s government or require any technical assistance during his stay. Thank you for your time, cooperation, and assistance.


Allan Shearer 

Mr. Allan Shearer

General Manager 

Corner Enterprise 


That is the Visa application letter that can be followed. It is not difficult to arrange if you understand the goal of this letter to write.



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