Mail Processing Clerk Cover Letter to Get a New Job

When you want to apply for a new job as a mail processing clerk, making a resume is not enough. Here, you also need to make the mail processing clerk cover letter. Yes, the cover letter is part of the resume. Its function is as an introductory before the employer reads the resume.

It can be said that the cover letter that you made will influence the employer. A good cover letter will deliver a better image of you, so the employer will read your resume with a high expectation. That is why you need to be careful about writing a cover letter.

What is a Mail Processing Clerk Cover Letter?

This cover letter is an introductory letter that you send to the employer when you want to get a new position as a mail processing clerk. It is a letter that will be the first letter to read before the resume.

A cover letter also could be said as a one-page document sends along with the resume. The main purpose of this letter is to introduce who you are and tell a brief professional background of you that could influence the employer.

What is the Format of Mail Processing Clerk Cover Letter?

Although the cover letter is simpler than a resume, there is a format of this letter to be considered when you want to make it. The format to be known in making a cover letter is:

  • Date of letter and contact information
  • Salutation or greeting
  • Opening paragraph
  • Middle paragraph(s)
  • Closing paragraph
  • Complimentary close and signature

Formatting Tips to Make Mail Processing Clerk Cover Letter

Follow these tips to make a good cover letter in applying for the mail processing clerk:

  • Start the cover letter by writing the date and the contact information on the top of the letter
  • Address the letter to get the attention
  • Begin the letter with a common salutation
  • Introduce who you are and some good experiences of you
  • Connect the new position of the job with your skills and previous achievements
  • Thank the employer for the consideration and time
  • Close the letter with a formal signature

Sample of Mail Processing Clerk Cover Letter

To help you make a good cover letter, here we have a sample of it. The sample here can be the consideration and source of inspiration when you want to create it.

Dear Mr. Holmes

Through this letter, I want to apply for a new mail processing clerk –that I found in the recent post by your company. I hope to be a new member of this position, so I attached my resume for complete consideration.

I have a high school diploma and have some experience as a mail processing clerk for around four years in a large company. I am ready to handle heavy mailbags and I have no problem with it. Of course, I also have a great physical condition that will ease me in running my jobs.

In my last job, I have a responsibility to make sure that the coming mail was sorted and then delivered to some proper departments. I also have a good ability to work overnight to handle the packages. With great computer skills, I am also able to handle scanning jobs or create kinds of documents that are needed by the company.

That is all about me. Please feel free to contact me for further information. Thank you for your time and consideration.



That is all about the mail processing clerk cover letter and its sample. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.



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