Correctional officer cover letter and the sample 

The correctional officer usually works in the prisons and supervise people detained for legal reason. Therefore, this job will be very demanding. If you are interested in this job, you need to create a Correctional officer cover letter that will help you to make sure about your skills and abilities in this job.

The job duties of this correctional officer are like managing and supervising the prisoners, patrolling, and helping with prisoners’ reviews. Because of that, you need to write this Correctional officer cover letter template properly to ensure the readers about your qualities. You can follow some steps below to make it great.

How to create a Correctional officer cover letter 

You can make this cover letter interesting if you really understand the job of this one. The Correctional officer cover letter form will be great if you can start the template step by step properly. The steps are:

  • Choose the best template to start your cover letter
  • Start by writing the date and your identity such as full name, address, phone number, and so forth
  • State the reason why you write and submit this cover letter for the organization
  • Show your skills and capabilities by making lists
  • Remember to give your number phone to make an interview
  • Write the signature

Tips to make a Correctional officer cover letter 

Furthermore, you also need some tips to make your cover letter impressive. Your Correctional officer cover letter design will be great if you have some ideas such as:

  • Write the clear name of the recipient or employer if you know him/ her
  • State about your skills and abilities with a detail explanation
  • If you have the experience, you also need to include after you show your skills and abilities
  • Praise the readers due to receiving and reading your cover letter

The Correctional officer cover letter sample 

You should not be confused to write this cover letter because you can follow some ideas above. Besides, the Correctional officer cover letter sample below also will help you to arrange the best cover letter.

Dear Ms. Suzzy 

I am submitting this letter in the hope to secure a position in your organization as a Correctional Officer. My background in Criminal Justice and in a correction in some particulars will be a great asset to American Correctional Facility. 

In this letter, I attach my resume and including a short summary to bring such as

B.S degree in Criminal Justice and has experience for 6 years 

Working with those who are incarcerated means being physically and mentally fit 

Many times a soft voice will do more to calm down a possibly explosive situation 

This idea will be a great deal to stress in working with offenders and that will take a team effort to diffuse the situation. Therefore, I know that I will be a vital member of the team at the America Correctional Facility.

I can be called at (444) 772 992 or by emailing me at I would like to further discuss how I can offer the security and the background to be an asset to your facility. 


Walker Adama

With the sample above, you can create your Correctional officer cover letter without any difficulties. The sample is simple and easy to do even if you have no experience writing this cover letter.



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