Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter and Its Sample

When you write a pharmacy technician cover letter, make sure that you include your educational background, skills, abilities, experiences, etc. that relate to the pharmacy technician position you are applying for. This should be written well to impress the hiring employer so that you will get an interview.

What Should a Pharmacy Technician Put on Resume?

A cover letter comes along with resume. To apply for a pharmacy technician position, you have to put your skills. Hard skills relate to payment processing, preparing prescriptions labels, maintaining pharmacy equipment, and HIPA compliance. Soft skills relate to communication, time management, problem solving, and stress management.

How Does a Pharmacy Technician Help the Pharmacist?

A pharmacy technician helps the pharmacist by performing administrative duties like running the cash register, tracking inventory, processing insurance claims, and filing paperwork’s. A pharmacy technician doesn’t receive medical training. He/she isn’t allowed to provide medical advice to patients.

How to Make a Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter

Here is the step by step on how to write a cover letter for a pharmacy technician position:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • State the job position you are applying for.
  • Show that your experience and skills match the required qualifications for the job.
  • Encourage the hiring manager to read your resume.

Tips for Writing a Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter

Writing such a cover letter requires you to consider the following useful and important tips:

  • Use the proper format for such a cover letter.
  • Pay attention to spelling carefully.
  • Use good grammar and formal writing style.
  • Keep this cover letter concise, simple, and understandable.
  • Include all the needed details.
  • Put your relevant strengths according to the available job.
  • Proofread it multiple times.

Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Sample

If you are looking for a cover letter sample for the pharmacy technician position, you can see it below:

Dear HRD,

I’m applying for a pharmacy technician position available at your pharmacy. I can work at any branch of your pharmacy. I’m Bram and I graduated from Vegas University with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Now, I’m searching for a technician job to get the job experience.

Even though I don’t have any work experience in this role, I understand the duties well. I can also learn quickly. I can work in a fast-paced environment. I understand how to provide good customer service. I also took pre-pharmacy courses that will be useful for this position. I’m familiar with pharmaceutical ethics, laws, and terminology governing the electronic health records, patient privacy, and industry.

I know how to ensure that the patients understand side effects related to their prescription medications and the proper dosage. I’m also familiar with professional phone etiquette. In addition, I’m excellent in multitasking and time management.

I hope you consider me for this position at your pharmacy. Please call me to arrange an interview and discuss it further.


West Bram

That is all about a pharmacy technician cover letter. If you want to write such a letter but you’ve never created it before, just feel free to pay attention and follow the sample above.


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