Janitor Cover Letter and Its Sample to Get a New Job

When you find a new job vacancy as a janitor and you want to join, of course, you need to provide some preparations. The janitor cover letter is an important document for the preparation besides the resume or CV. Yes, the cover letter itself will complete the CV that you send.

Through the cover letter, you could make the management or the HR knows who you are. Besides, you also could show that you have capabilities that are needed by the company to be a new janitor there.

What is the Janitor Cover Letter?

The janitor cover letter is a page of a document that is written to introduce who you are. This document doesn’t only tell about the personality, but also the capabilities and experiences, especially the details that correlate with the fields of the janitor.

Sending a cover letter is needed. It will complete the resume. Before the management reads your resume and consider your document, they will read the cover letter first. When the cover letter could build their interest, the chance to get an interview will be bigger.

What is the Format of the Janitor Cover Letter?

There is a simple format of the cover letter to help you make it. The format is:

  • Date of the letter
  • Detailed contact information
  • Greeting and salutation
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Body paragraph to state skills and abilities
  • A closing statement with a call to action
  • Signature

Tips to Make a Good Janitor Cover Letter

Since the cover letter is important and it will influence the qualification, knowing some tips in making it is needed. The important tips to make a cover letter are:

  • Do not only duplicate the resume
  • Write the cover letter for a specific job
  • Be proud of your past experiences and achievements
  • Keep the cover letter brief
  • Use the formal language and sentence arrangement

Sample of a Janitor Cover Letter

To ease you in creating a cover letter, here we have a sample of it. Read the sample below.

Dear Mr. Cervantes

Through this letter, I want to apply for the janitor position at your company. I am submitting this document and attaching my resume for further consideration. In some last time, I have been working as a janitor for more than eleven years and know how to make the company clean and well-maintained.

Of course, I have experience handling job maximally. I just feel that working as a janitor is an interesting matter and I find it quite rewarding. I am sure that my skills can be maximized to fill the needs of the company. That is why I feel confident that I could fill the need of janitor in your company.

I am open to discuss another thing, especially to know more about my background. Please feel free to contact me through the message. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the janitor cover letter that you may know. A cover letter is simple and brief. However, it is quite essential and it will influence your appliance. That is why you need to be careful and keep your professionalism in writing it.




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