Nurse Extern Cover Letter and the Letter Template

Would it be possible to look for some sort of work experience while still studying to become nurse but not yet to graduate? There is externship to aim for it. Just like when applying for job, you need nurse extern cover letter to make. Here, we will show you how this particular externship cover letter looks like.

How to Make Nurse Extern Cover Letter

Making this cover letter is not as difficult as you think it might be. Getting to know the steps can help you get the job done right. Besides, writing it properly also plays role in getting you in as well. Employers appreciate well made cover letter after all. Now, what do we need to do to make one? Here we go below.

  • Start by addressing the recipient
  • State your purposes of sending your cover letter
  • Mention your skills and trainings
  • Express your wish to be considered
  • Add your contact number
  • Put your signature
  • Attach your resume

Tips to Create Nurse Extern Cover Letter

We believe that knowing cover letter steps to make alone won’t be enough to make the best of the best cover letters out there. Thus, we need the tips to get into the details and make that best of the bests possible. We have some tips to take into account. The key is to pay attention to every detail. Here we go.

  • Write the name of the recipient if known instead of the position
  • Feel free to mention what you expect to get from the externship
  • State other duties you are capable of besides the skills and trainings
  • Tell your view of nurse career a little and how you need externship for it
  • Include necessary documents besides cover letter and resume

Nurse Extern Cover Letter Sample

Before you make one however, you better take a look at extern cover letter sample yourself. Surely, it will inspire you much to make your own. It doesn’t have to be so long. Just make sure it has everything mentioned in the steps above. If you are ready, do take a look at this very nurse extern cover letter below.

Dear Ms. ReysaRudbeckia,

Along with this letter, I would like to apply for Nurse Extern position in St. Thomas Hospital. Icurrently study at Stanford University pursuing nursing degree with only 2 years left until graduation. I am interested in this externship for it gives me experience that would be necessary to apply for nurse job after graduation.

With this experience, I will be ready for the job in the future. It will boost my confidence needed for nurse job too.With trained professional to work under, there will be so much I can learn from. I send this application fully aware of the requirements to work as nurse extern.I do well in both writing and listening.

Thus, I can follow orders as directed by the supervisor precisely. Other than these basic skills, I posses the skills to assist experience nurse for I have been doing trainings of various procedures, such as IV monitoring, vital taking, and medical administering. I can also perform duties in assisting patientsin any way needed.

I am capable of helping them with personal hygiene that include changing their bed sheets, cleaning their room, and getting them dressed. I can gather patient information and asses their current condition. I wish to put my nursing skills to good use, so I am looking forward to your reply totell you more in the interview.

My contact number is (555)-654-2238.


Aria Waltz

Aria Waltz

Resume Attached as MS Word Document


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