Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter and Sample

Whatever plan you make, it is always best to schedule for it. That way, you can make sure every task is met. The one whose job to do it is counselor. If you are interested in it, here we could guide you through the making of summer camp counselor cover letter.

What Is Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter

As it was hinted before, camp counselor has jobmainly to give assistance in planning events. It would also mean that camp counselor job duties include leading them and monitor all the goings of the events. Of course, you’ll have to respond to incidents too.

How to Make Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter

The job description is only the introduction to this guide here. You need to learn how to make the letter after that. No need to worry for this summer camp counselor guide will show you step by step to do it. So, let’s see here and follow them in its proper order.

  • Address the company’s HRD
  • Mention your intention
  • Tell why you qualify for the job
  • Explain your passion in this line of work
  • List your qualification
  • Drop your phone number
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter

Through the procedure above, you get to learn not only what to write but also how the format as well. This time however, we would like you to pay attention to counselor cover letter details. So, consider these tips we have to offer for you below for your own letter.

  • Use polite honorific where addressing the recipient
  • Be passionate about the line of work
  • Include all the relevant work history and skills
  • Express your expectation for interview
  • Attach your resume

Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Now that you are done understanding the format and the content in theory, let’s get first hand look of the counselorcover lettersample itself here. Summer camp counselor cover letter can be made like this below. Just make sure it has all the needs in.

Dear Mrs. Stampson,

I am writing this letter to you in response to job vacancy currently available in Fun Camp Agency. Based on the news posted in Warton Morning, there is summer camp counselor position available to apply for. I have read through the requirements for it and I believe I am qualified for the job for more than one reason.

I love outdoor activities, such as campingas much as I love children. With much experience in the camps, I should be able to make great addition to your team. My passion lies in camping ever since I was just 7. I have been participating in various summer camps. I started from just a camper to acabin counselor then.

Here are the qualifications I can offer for you to consider.

  • I graduated with bachelor’s degree majoring in human service.
  • I have 13-year experience as camper and 3 years as cabin counselor.
  • I am capable of helping children to adjust to being away from home.
  • I have high dedication and passion to be working in camps.

I would love to discuss more of what I can contribute for your agency during the interview. You can contact me at (555)-099-5661. Thank you for your time.


Marielle Dion

Marielle Dion

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

Summer camp counselor cover letter is to submit for those who want to work in providing assistance in planning summer camp events and monitoring them.


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