Coffee Shop Cover Letter and Sample

Are you aiming to work at coffee shop? If so, you must have your coffeeshopcover letter prepared to apply for your intended job. Be it barista cover letter or waiter even, you will still need to make one no matter what. Fortunately, you are here in the right place. We are going to flesh out the procedure below.

How to Make Coffee Shop Cover Letter

Basically, most cover letters are the same when it comes to their format. What makes them different is the content of the letter.Still, you’ve got to get the picture of how to make job coverletter of this kind. Here we have the very steps to follow.

  • Address the coffee shop’s HRD
  • State your intention to apply for the job
  • Tell about your work experiences
  • Explain your duties there
  • Mention your relevant abilities, trainings, and skills
  • Provide your phone number for interview
  • Put your signature
  • Attach your resume

Tips to Create Coffee Shop Cover Letter

We have some tips for you to keep in mind as well. Café cover letterwould be better off made with useful advices in mind. Here, we have some to consider in this chance. They are sure to help you make the best and proper letter to apply for the very job.

  • Present your work history and skills
  • Make sure they are relevant for the job
  • Expose your relevant achievement to stand out
  • Don’t forget to attach your resume

Coffee Shop Cover Letter Sample

Why don’t you take a look at this cover letter template below? This coffee shop cover letter is just simple example of the kind. Still, you will get the picture from it and even inspiration to make your own. Let’s get on to that very sample right below.

Dear Ms. Anana Sylvania,

With this letter, I would like to apply for a job position in Starry Coffee Shop. I wish to put my skills and knowledge into good use for the benefit of the shop business. I have two years of experience working in Green Peak Restaurant. My responsibilitiesinclude greeting, taking orders, and serving them to customers.

I was also tasked to accept payments at the counter.I would wash the dish and clean the place too. As I had worked in that line of work, I am confident that I am capable of providing good customer service. My experience in cooking includes making various kinds of coffee and dessert. I am willing to learn new things.

I am a fast learner too. These abilities are of course not without training to certify them. I had joined cooking courses so I have knowledge of how to properly handle the foods. I am also well aware of the importance of hygiene in places where foods are being cooked and stored. I am willing to work in shifts.

I am physically ready to work at long hour if necessary too. Please call me at (555)-387-7731 if you are interested in hearing what I can contribute more. I am looking forward to hear back from you for interview.


Giana Theodore

Giana Theodore

Resume Attached as MS Word Document



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