Scholarship Application Letter and Its Example

A scholarship application letter is a document that serves as your introduction to an individual or committee offering an opportunity of scholarship. It identifies you as a prime scholarship candidate & is accompanied by the materials needed by the organization sponsoring the scholarship. If you are a student and need a scholarship, you can write this kind of letter. We will guide you here.

How to Make a Scholarship Application Letter

This kind of letter has its own format. Our template comes with a proper format so that it works for this type of letter. For the detailed steps on how to make it, you can see below:

  • You just need to pick our template first.
  • After you get our template, you can start writing the letter with your own words.
  • You should start with a greeting, continued with an introductory paragraph, the body of the letter, a closing paragraph, and your signature.
  • Then, you have to print this letter because it must be submitted in a printed document.
  • Finally, you can submit it the owner of the awarding organization.

Tips for Writing a Scholarship Application Letter

The quality of the letter affects the decision if your application letter is approved or not by the awarding organization. So, you should consider the following important tips:

  • To make it effective, you will have to align your personal & educational goals clearly to the eligibility requirements of the scholarship.
  • Besides, you also must use a proper format for your best argument to explain why you should be a good candidate for the scholarship.
  • Then, you also need to do the research required to write this letter that is needed to the awarding organization’s attributes.
  • If possible, you should address this letter to the one who is responsible for gathering the application letters.
  • You also have to make sure that you use a good grammar and understandable language.

Scholarship Application Letter Sample

You can see the sample of a scholarship application letter below:

Dear Mr. Richard,

Enclosed, please find my application letter for the scholarship offered by Richard Marketing Company. I am a student of Texas University. I plan to graduate next semester with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing. I found this offered scholarship from the university’s web. I read the requirements and I believe that I am a good candidate for the scholarship.

I am excited about this scholarship because of the reputation of your company. I have studied your organization’s activities in a few years and I am also interested in business marketing. I have learnt about marketing so well and I also have worked in a marketing relation team at the Kids Academy.

I am enclosing this letter for the Richard Scholarship Award along with a copy of my official transcript, my personal consideration statement, my resume, and also recommendation letters. For confirmation, I am available at (111)-111-1111.


Lina White

That is the sample of a scholarship application letter. Hopefully, it can help you to write your own application letter and get your desired scholarship.


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