Dental Assistant Recommendation Letter and the Example 

A dental assistant recommendation letter is commonly written for a recent graduate of a technical school program or an already establish dental assistant working in a practice. Therefore, this letter has an important role for you if you want to be a dental assistant.

What is a dental assistant recommendation letter?

This letter template is like other recommendation letters. It is typically written by an instructor or a licensed dentist. Moreover, a co-worker or a patient also can write this dental assistant recommendation letter template.

What should I write for a dental assistant recommendation letter?

When you are writing this recommendation letter, you need to concentrate on an individual’s good points. You also can determine what an employee has done for the company and highlight the sample effectively. This idea is important to write a critical hiring decision.

How to create a dental assistant recommendation letter

You also need to make sure to reference the requirements listed in the job description. With this idea, your letter of dental assistant recommendation idea will be great to read. You also can follow some ideas below to make it impressive.

  • You have to describe why you are the best fit for this job position at the beginning
  • You can focus on the most relevant experience and qualification in the following paragraph
  • You can end it with your contact number, to sum up, your qualification for the role and express continuing for next stage

Tips to write a dental assistant recommendation letter

Besides, the dental assistant recommendation letter format will look nice to read if you follow some tips below to make it look great.

  • You can state why you are excited about the job and company
  • You need to avoid any repeating the bullet points from the resume
  • You can close it with a thanking the employer

The sample of dental assistant recommendation letter

The following dental assistant recommendation letter sample is also important for you to read. The sample will lead you to write a proper letter easily.

This is the sample:

Dear Dental professional, 

I am writing this letter to recommend Harry Maguire for the position of the dental assistant in your practice of dentistry. Harry has worked as my dental assistant for five years but she is relocating to California due to the family. I will miss Harry both professionally and personally. 

Harry Joined my practice right out of technical school and has handled a myriad of duties over the years with capabilities and professionalism. She is knowledgeable about ordering supplies and has bookkeeping, accounting, and money management skills as well. 

It is with my pleasure that I recommend my employee and friend, Harry Maguire to you for a position as a dental assistant in your practice. I believe you will find him to be a skilled, dedicated, and loyal employee. if you have any question by phone at 667-009-7865.



Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes, DMD

Super Teeth, Inc.

That is all about the dental assistant recommendation letter. This letter serves to provide the credence to ex-employee skills and experience to assist in attaining a new job.


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