Architect Cover Letter Examples and Its Sample

To be an architect, you must have skills required. Besides that, you also need to write and send a cover letter for an architect position. If you have never created it before, we will provide you architect cover letter examples. The following guidelines and sample can be used for your reference.

What Are the Types of Cover Letters?

Mainly, there are 3 types of cover letters. They include the networking cover letter, the prospecting cover letter, and the application cover letter. Besides that, short introductory emails are also often considered as cover letters.

What Should an Architecture Cover Letter Include?

If you want to write a good cover letter for architecture, make sure that it includes:

  • The reasons why you are the best candidate to be an architect.
  • Numbers to prove key accomplishments.
  • The skills that are required to be an architect.
  • The explanation showing that they are the only firm you want to be at.

How to Make an Architect Cover Letter

How to write this kind of cover letter can be done with the following steps:

  • Follow the proper format.
  • Address the hiring employer directly.
  • Begin with a compelling introductory statement.
  • Explain why you are the most ideal candidate.
  • Provide a few achievements to stand out.
  • Show the hiring employer why you would like to work there.

Tips to Make an Architect Cover Letter

There are a few tips that will be useful for writing a cover letter:

  • Keep it short.
  • Describe who you are.
  • Use active voice, not passive voice.
  • Make it easy to understand.
  • Use the format that matches your resume.
  • Sell yourself.
  • Highlight the soft skills you have.

Architect Cover Letter Sample

Now, let’s pay attention to the example of an architect cover letter below:

Dear Mr. Donny,

Please accept my cover letter as I’m applying for the architect position at your firm. It will be my honor to work there. I’m able to work long hours and meet a though deadline. I can even work under pressure. My ambition will be useful to achieve my goals.

I’ve ever worked as an architect for 3 years. My master’s degree in architecture is very useful for this role. I’ve worked on various projects and I successfully completed them.

I have excellent technical and computer skills. I also have advanced knowledge of Refit, Maya, 3ds Max, Auto CAD, and Adobe. I’m familiar with all the duties of an architect.

Working with a leading company like yours will be a great improvement for my career. I’m challenged and excited so much. If you want to know more about me, it’s better to meet and discuss it further. I can be called at (111)-111-1111. You can also contact me via email to


Morgan Taylor

If you still need more architect cover letter examples, you can search them on the internet. The sample above is one of the best and simplest examples. You can use it for your reference. With a good cover letter, you will be able to impress the hiring employer.


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