Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter and Its Sample

A cover letter is a kind of document sent with your CV when you apply for a job. This letter acts as an introduction. It also helps to sell your app. It is needed because it gives you the opportunity to explain to the manager why you are the best candidate. Now, let’s discuss a recreation coordinator cover letter!

What Should a Cover Letter Include?

A good cover letter should include a few key elements as mentioned below:

  • A contact section
  • A greeting or salutation
  • An opening paragraph or introduction to the hiring employer
  • Your qualifications that match the position you are applying for
  • A closing or concluding paragraph
  • Your signature

When Do You Send a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is sent when you are applying for a job that matches your qualifications. Most companies usually require cover letters for all the applicants. Even though the company doesn’t require a cover letter, sending a cover letter is always better because it demonstrate that you’re a motivated candidate.

How to Create a Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter

How to write a cover letter properly can be done with these steps:

  • Start with your contact details.
  • Address the company.
  • Write a salutation.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • State the position you are applying for.
  • Highlight your experience and skills that match the job requirements.
  • Encourage the employer to read your resume.
  • Close it with thanks and end up with your signature.

Tips to Create a Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter

A cover letter must be catchy. So, you should consider the following tips:

  • Convey enthusiasm for the job and company.
  • Mention a mutual connection.
  • Lead with a good accomplishment.
  • Bring up something proper.
  • Express your passion for what to do.
  • Provide a creative story.
  • Begin with a belief statement.

Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

The cover letter sample for a recreation coordinator position can be seen below:

Dear Mr. Verry,

I send and attach my resume to apply for the position of recreation coordinator available at your facility. You can find my skills & background match what you require. I enclose my resume but I will illustrate it in brief below.

After holding a bachelor’s degree in physical education, I worked in recreation for more than 6 years. I also have good skills in communication so that I can communicate well with clients. A facility must have a team that organizes the recreational needs effectively. That is why I apply for this job because I can be a good asset to your company.

I’d like to have an opportunity to sit and discuss it further with you. I can describe myself in more details. You can call me anytime at (111)-111-1111. You can also send me an email to and I’ll reply it soon.


Genny Berbie

That is all about a recreation coordinator cover letter. If want to write such a cover letter on your own, just follow the sample above. Make sure that you write your own qualifications to impress the hiring employer.


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