Waitress Cover Letter to Get a New Job

When you want to join a company or business as a waitress, the waitress cover letter becomes part of preparations to be prepared. The cover letter here will be the first document to be read by the employer before the attached resume.

Of course, in writing the cover letter, you need to remember writing the present workings that are relevant to the job that you want. Then, also write the skills that are needed by the employer. All information inside the cover letter will be the consideration of the employer whether they want to accept you or not.

What is Waitress Cover Letter?

A cover letter can be said as an announcement for the employer that you as the employee want to join with the company. Besides, the cover letter is sent with a resume together. That is why the cover letter is also called an introductory letter.

When a resume shows kinds of facts, the cover letter shows more about personality. One of the main purposes of making a cover letter is to build a good first impression of the employer, especially when they know you with your story.

What is the Format of the Waitress Cover Letter?

Substantively, there is no exact format of the cover letter. It means that you could make it with your expression. However, since a cover letter is sent to the employer –including when you want to be a waitress, there is a common format that you could follow.

The format is:

  • Contact section
  • Employer address
  • Salutation
  • Body paragraph
  • Paragraph and bullet lists
  • Closings
  • Signature

Tips to Make a Good Waitress Cover Letter

These are some tips for making a good cover letter that will help you. Some tips that you may follow are:

  • Find a good template of cover letter for reference
  • Introduce the personality completely
  • Prepare the relevant information, especially working histories and skills
  • Use the formal writing style and language option
  • Make only a page document of the cover letter
  • Avoid using ambiguous words

Sample of Waitress Cover Letter

To help you in creating this letter, here we have a simple sample of it for you. Read the sample of the cover letter to be a new waitress below.

Annalies Chermarn


August 11, 2011

Dear Hiring Manager,

Through this letter, I want to show my interest in the vacancy as a waitress in your restaurant. This cover letter may be another consideration to value me including the resume that I attached. I fill the whole requirements that are stated in the add Furthermore, I have some experience as a waitress in several different restaurants before.

Through the experience that I have, I am sure that I will be capable to handle kinds of jobs in your restaurant. On another hand, I also have a degree in management, so I could manage the job desk and working time maximally.  

I look forward to hearing good news from you. When you have something to ask, please feel free to call me through my number above or message me. Thank you for your time.


Annelies Chermarn

That is all about the waitress cover letter that can be a reference for you. Find the template and make your best cover letter to get the new job!



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