Tax Preparer Cover Letter to Get a Prestigious Job

For some people, a tax preparer is one of the prestigious jobs to enjoy. Yes, it is because of a big salary for the employee and the easiness when they do some jobs. However, to get this prestigious job, you need to make some preparations, including the tax preparer cover letter.

This document will complete the resume that you send to the employer when you want to get the job. Of course, through the cover letter, the employer could know your personality more. When this matter happens, the chance to be the tax preparer you want will be bigger.

What is a Tax Preparer Cover Letter?

As we have said before, a cover letter becomes a document to complete the resume that you send. This letter provides detailed information about the reasons why you are qualified for the applied job. However, in making a cover letter, you cannot just duplicate the resume.

On another hand, the shape of the cover letter is also different from the resume. When the resume is written with the numbering to ease the employer reads the data, the cover letter comes with some paragraphs as the common letter. That is why the wording is quite essential here.

What is the Format of the Tax Preparer Cover Letter?

Substantively, there is no official format of the cover letter. It means you are free to write the detailed information of you inside this letter. However, there is a common format of the cover letter that can be a consideration when you want to make it.

The format is:

  • Header to input detailed contact information
  • Greeting the hiring manager
  • The opening paragraph to grab the attention with at least 2 or 3 paragraph
  • Second paragraph to write why you are perfect for the job
  • Third paragraph to write reasons why you are suitable for the company
  • Formal closing

Tips to Make a Good Tax Preparer Cover Letter

These are some tips that are important to be known when you want to make a good cover letter. The tips will help you to find the best arrangement for this letter. Some tips to know are:

  • Find a good template of the cover letter to ease you in making it
  • Use a formal wording choice and sentence arrangement
  • Show the detailed information, especially for skills and histories
  • Make only a page document for the cover letter

Sample of a Tax Preparer Cover Letter

Here we have a sample of the cover letter that could be the inspiration when you want to make it. By reading the sample, of course, making a cover letter will be quite simple.

Read the sample of the cover letter below.

Dear Mr. Johnson

Through this letter, I want to show my interest to be the new tax preparer at your company. I am a person with a bachelor’s degree in finance. With the basic study that I have, I am sure that I could be the person that you need to handle some tax jobs at your company.

On another hand, I also have several experiences handling the same fields in several companies before. I always enjoy learning about the field of finance, so my skills can be upgraded day by day. Of course, I am good at time management and carefulness, so every job as a tax preparer can be handled maximally.

I have attached my resume to be reviewed. When you need further information about me, please call me through (555)-666-8888. Thank you for your time and attention.



That is all about the tax preparer’s cover letter. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.


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