Athletic Trainer Cover Letter and Its Sample

Being an athletic trainer is very challenging. An athletic trainer has great responsibilities. To be an athletic trainer, you will have to write and send an athletic trainer cover letter. This kind of letter should impress the hiring employer. So, we will guide you on how to write it.

What Does an Athletic Trainer Do?

An athletic trainer has a few main responsibilities. They include:

  • Provide athletic training services.
  • Apply braces, bandages, and tape to protect or prevent injuries.
  • Evaluate injuries & provide first aid.
  • Implement rehabilitation programs for injured athletes & develop injury prevention programs.

How Do Athletic Trainers Help Athletes?

An athletic trainer helps prevent & treat injures for those who are physically active. Besides that, he/she also specializes in the immediate care, assessment, prevention, & rehabilitation of injuries resulting from physical activity. So, you will have to understand and familiar with them all.

How to Create an Athletic Trainer Cover Letter

To create such a cover letter, just follow the step by step below:

  • Greet the hiring employer politely.
  • In the first paragraph, state your interest in the job opening.
  • In the next paragraph(s), describe your personality, skills, abilities, and experience related to the position you are applying for.
  • In the last paragraph, thank to the hiring employer and include your contact information.
  • Close the cover letter with your signature.

Tips for Creating an Athletic Trainer Cover Letter

To create an impressive cover letter, make sure that you consider the following tips:

  • Follow the proper format.
  • Be polite, formal, and professional.
  • Make it convincing with your experience.
  • Keep it concise, simple, and easy to understand.
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling.
  • Proofread it to prevent errors and mistakes.
  • Send it as soon as possible.

Athletic Trainer Cover Letter Sample

In this article, we provide you a simple example of a cover letter for you who want to apply for an athletic trainer position:

Dear Mr. Borman,

I saw on the web of your gym that you need an athletic trainer. This position is very ideal for me. I’ve ever worked in the same role for 3 years. I also have a full accreditation. I really love health and fitness. My resume is enclosed for your review.

I’ve helped more than 100 clients to meet their weight & fitness goals. In addition, I’m well-versed & up to date on the latest means of strength & cardiovascular training exercise. I also understand how to approach fitness regimens in the helpful & healthy manner. I’m very excited and motivated to work to your gym now.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I’m looking forward to hear from you. You can call me at (111)-111-1111 or send an email to I can explain myself further.


Frank Kessie

After paying attention to the guidelines and a sample above, you have to be able to write an athletic trainer cover letter on your own now. Just follow the sample with your own qualifications. Hopefully, this will help you a lot.


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