School Counselor Recommendation Letter and Its Sample

A school counselor recommendation letter is created on behalf of a person who have just out of college & looking for a counseling job. It may also be created by an established counselor who is seeking a promotion. It may be created by another counselor, a teacher, a principal, or a child’s parent.

How to Make a School Counselor Recommendation Letter

It is not easy to write this kind of recommendation letter. You have to follow the following step by step:

  • First of all, you have to politely greet the recipient.
  • After that, you should directly state your recommendation in the first paragraph.
  • Then, you need to explain the reasons why you recommend that person for a school counselor.
  • After describing his/her skills, abilities, etc., you should include your contact information in the last paragraph.
  • To end the letter, don’t forget to put your signature and name.

Tips for Creating a School Counselor Recommendation Letter

Creating such a letter must be done carefully. We have a few tips for you who want to write such a letter:

  • It is important to understand and follow the rules & format.
  • To convince the recipient, you have to state the reasons why you recommend that person in detail.
  • This letter should consist of an introduction, a body of the letter, and a conclusion.
  • Besides that, you have to keep it simple and concise.
  • To make it understandable, you should use good spelling & grammar and avoid ambiguous sentences.
  • For the best result, proofreading is required before you send it.

School Counselor Recommendation Letter Sample

Here is an example of a recommendation letter for a school counselor position:

Dear Principal Colin,

I know that you have an opening position for a school counselor at Sunday High School. I’d like to recommend Amy Mia for that position. She is a counselor at BMW Middle School currently. She always does a wonderful job of supporting teachers. However, she has a desire to work with older students.

She is proactive to improve her performance. She’s able to optimize the students’ academic achievements. When students have fears & difficulties, she always succeeds to help students, to focus on learning.

She teaches our teachers to help students identify emerging red flags in the behaviors of students. Teachers learn to recognize disturbing behaviors in students early. She is very patient with all ages of students.

She also successfully identifies learning disabilities. She can identify some other students whose home environments are unhealthy. Anyway, she is a gifted counselor and she will be beneficial for your high school.

Even though we will miss her here, I’m pleased to recommend her for your school counselor. She is passionate and excited. She is also very professional. If you have questions about this, just call me at (111)-111-1111 or email me at


Peter Parker, PhD


BMW Middle School

That is all about a school counselor recommendation letter. If you also want to write such a letter, just fell free to follow the guidelines and a sample above.


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