Interior Design Cover Letter and Its Sample

If you are interested in interior design, you are ideal to work in the home design industry. There are many companies that need a person to be an interior designer. After you find the appropriate job opening, you can directly apply for it. In this case, what you need is an interior design cover letter.

How to Make an Interior Design Cover Letter

It is a challenging task to create such a letter. However, writing this kind of letter can be done easily if you follow the step by step below:

  • First of all, you have to greet the hiring employer politely.
  • In the introductory paragraph, you can directly state that you are applying for the interior design position.
  • Continued to the body of the letter, you should describe your educational degree.
  • After that, it is very important to explain the relevant job experience if any.
  • Then, it is very important to describe your skills & abilities related to interior design.
  • In the closing paragraph, you need to include your contact details to let the hiring employer call you for arranging an interview.

Tips for Writing an Interior Design Cover Letter

To write this kind of letter, there are some important tips to consider. The following tips will be useful for you all:

  • First, it is a must to follow the rules and format.
  • Besides that, this letter also has to use good grammar.
  • Then, ambiguous sentences should be avoided.
  • In addition, you also need to keep it simple, concise, formal, and professional.
  • To make it convincing, it is a good idea to attach supporting documents like certificates, letters of recommendation, a CV, etc.

Interior Design Cover Letter Sample

Everyone can write such a letter on his/her own. If you also would like to write your own cover letter, it is better to pay attention to the following sample:

Dear Mrs. Green,

I’m writing this letter to apply for the interior design position advertised on your web. I also attach my resume for your consideration.

I earned a bachelor’s degree of science in interior design. I have ever worked as a home designer for 5 years. My experience helps me to develop my skills. I’m familiar with interior design projects including the store design team, store locations, merchandising graphic design, etc.

Besides that, I provided various ideas & concepts for home interior design projects. I’m capable of present illustration through manual & electronic means. There’s no problem with interpreting, designing, & recommending architectural solutions to select finishes & materials, fixture alternatives, and also trendy interior design techniques. Furthermore, I have good communication skills. Moreover, I’m familiar with supporting clients, placement, etc.

To arrange an interview, I’m available at (111)-111-1111. I can also be reached via email at


Raymond C.

That is all about an interior design cover letter. From the sample above, you can see the proper format. You also have seen the detailed step by step in writing such a letter. We provide you some important tips, too. Now, you must be able to create your own cover letter.


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