Assistant District Attorney Cover Letter and Its Sample

Being an assistant district attorney is very challenging. When there is an opportunity, you have to use it well. To apply for that position, you will need to write an assistant district attorney cover letter. In this article, we will discuss it further. So, let’s pay attention to this!

What Does an Assistant District Attorney Do?

An assistant district attorney (ADA) is also well known as an assistant state’s attorney. He/she is a law enforcement official representing the state government on behalf of the district attorney to investigate and prosecute persons alleged to have committed a crime.

What Are the Parts of a Cover Letter?

A good cover letter should include the following key elements:

  • Information about you
  • Date
  • Your name, title, employer, & address
  • Salutation
  • An opening paragraph
  • The middle paragraph(s)
  • Contact information
  • Closing
  • Signature

How to Make an Assistant District Attorney Cover Letter

If you want to create such a cover letter, just follow these steps:

  • State why you are interested in the position & company.
  • Explain why the job position matches you.
  • Connect your accomplishments with required qualifications in one/two paragraphs.
  • Focus on your relevant experiences, skills, and abilities.

Tips for Creating an Assistant District Attorney Cover Letter

There are some tips you will need to consider in writing this kind of cover letter:

  • Make it as simple as possible including the needed information.
  • Try to keep it formal & respectful even if you’re upset. For example, you are a victim writing because it isn’t prosecuted.
  • Ensure positive response.
  • Pay attention to grammar & spelling carefully.
  • Proofread the cover letter before sending it.

Assistant District Attorney Cover Letter Sample

Here is a sample of a cover letter for an assistant district attorney position:

Dear Mrs. Amy Iriana,

I’m interested in working as an assistant district attorney as advertised on newspapers. I’ve read all the requirements and I find that I’m well-qualified. I believe that this position really suits my skills.

I earn a Juries Doctorate from Vegas University. I’ve been in good standing with the Harvard Bar Association since 2015. I graduated and earned top honors. Then, I had an internship before I was hired by a firm specializing in criminal law.

I’ve worked in criminal law for 9 a few years in private practice. I’ve successfully litigated many cases. I have also extensive trial experiences. Besides, I’ve been in a supervisory position for 3 years. That’s why I can direct others in their positions effectively. I understand what it takes to do the job completely.

In addition, I have some applicable skills including good computer literacy experience, strong analytical, communication, & public speaking skills.

I’m looking forward to hearing directly from you to discuss this position further. I’m sure that I can accomplish excellent things in this role.


Peter Smith

That is all about an assistant district attorney cover letter. When writing such a cover letter, don’t forget to state that you attach your resume. Be patient to wait for the interview and impress the hiring employer with your strengths.



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