Virtual Assistant Cover Letter and Its Sample

Being a virtual assistant is very challenging. The first step to do is to write a virtual assistant cover letter after you find a job opening. Here, you should impress the hiring employer by presenting your skills, abilities, etc. that relate to the position you are applying for.

What Skills Does a Virtual Assistant Need?

To be a virtual assistant, you must have 6 key skills. They include work processing skills, writing & oral communication skills, computer skills, quick thinking & decision making abilities, self motivation & discipline, and love for continuous learning.

Why Do You Want to Work as a Virtual Assistant?

If you become a virtual assistant, you will earn money from home on your desired schedule. Besides that, you also have chances to earn more & more without improving your hours. In addition, you will attract higher paying clients & raise your rates as you get experience & expertise in your niche.

How to Make a Virtual Assistant Cover Letter

Below is the step by step for creating such a cover letter:

  • Provide your own personal details.
  • Directly address the hiring employer.
  • Summarize your relevant skills.
  • Talk about the company briefly.
  • Describe your past accomplishments.
  • State any completed training you have.
  • Attach related documents.

Tips for Writing a Virtual Assistant Cover Letter

A cover letter should be written carefully. You should consider the following useful tips:

  • A cover letter must be well-formatted.
  • Besides, it should also use good spelling and grammar.
  • Then, you have to include all the needed details.
  • In addition, you need to keep it brief, concise, and formal.
  • Moreover, you are required to proofread your cover letter multiple times.

Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Sample

The example below can be used for your reference in writing such a cover letter:

Dear Mrs. Henny,

Regarding to the available position of virtual assistant at your company, I attach my resume to this cover letter.

I’ve worked in this role for more than 10 years in a popular company. I’ve read all the required qualifications and I meet them all. I’m fluent in computer systems and languages. I’m also familiar with computer, printer, phone, etc. to carry out the needed office duties & responsibilities. I can work quickly. I can also handle various projects at once. Even more, I’m always available for the upcoming projects. In addition, I’m highly communicative with both supervisors and clients. I’m also sure that I can be a good asset to your company.

Through this cover letter, I attach my resume. You can read my resume to see my education, experiences, skills, and abilities in detail. It is better if we meet and discuss this position further. I’d look forward meet you. To arrange a meeting, you can call me at (111)-111-1111 or send an email to


Andrew Gibran

That is all about a virtual assistant cover letter. Through a cover letter, you can create the hiring employer’s first manager with your skills, experiences, education, and many more.


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