Custodian Cover Letter and Its Example

If you are interested in a custodian position, you can find your desired job easily. In fact, many companies need custodians. After you find the relevant job vacancy, you can directly apply for that job. In this case, you will need to create a custodian cover letter. If you have never created such a letter before, you do not need to worry. Just pay attention to the following guides, tips, and sample!

How to Make a Custodian Cover Letter

There are a few steps to follow in creating this kind of letter.

  • First of all, you have to find, understand, and follow the format.
  • Then, you can start writing the letter.
  • You can begin by telling your interest in fulfilling the job vacancy as a custodian.
  • After that, you have to give the reasons why you can be a good candidate for the custodian position.
  • Next, you have to include your contact so that the company can contact you later.
  • In the end, you should sign off the letter.
  • Last but not least, make sure that attach supporting documents like your resume, relevant certificates, etc.

Tips for Creating a Custodian Cover Letter

Writing such a letter requires you to consider some tips below:

  • The most important thing is that you use a proper format in writing this kind of letter.
  • Besides that, you also have to use good grammar.
  • Then, writing this letter also requires you to use clear language.
  • You also must avoid ambiguous sentences.
  • Because it belongs to an application letter, this letter must be convincing.

Custodian Cover Letter Sample

Below is an example of a custodian application letter:

Dear Mr. James,

I am applying for the position of a custodian at your company. Through this letter, I would like to introduce myself. I have skills in custodian duties and also have ever worked in the relevant position for a couple of years.

The summary of my skills and qualifications can be viewed below:

  • I worked as a custodian for 2 years with a clean criminal record.
  • I have good skills in cleaning.
  • I’m also capable of unclogging drains, installing carpet, painting, and helping with building maintenance.
  • I am also quick, courteous, & willing to help in custodian duties.

I understand that a custodian belongs to a vital part of your business. That is why I am excited to apply for this position.

I think it will be advantageous to us to have a face-to-face interview. Therefore, I will be able to expand on my qualifications and history further. I am available at (111)-111-1111. You can also contact me via email at


Rabona L.

That is all about a custodian cover letter. After paying attention to the detailed steps, important tips, and a well-formatted sample above, it is your turn to create your own application letter with your own words to apply for a custodian position in your desired company. Hopefully, the guidelines above will help you a lot.


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