Personal Assistant Cover Letter for Getting New Job

Becoming a personal assistant is interesting. It is a good job with a good value too. However, to get a new job as a personal assistant, of course, you need to make some preparations. The personal assistant cover letter becomes one of the important preparations to be considered.

The cover letter will be the first document read by the management before the resume. When the cover letter could make a good intention, we are sure that the management will be amazed and the resume will be accepted.

What is the Personal Assistant Cover Letter?

The cover letter is a document that is made simple and it only writes on a page of the document. The purpose of this letter is to introduce the contact information of the candidate. Besides, this letter also could be used to write some skills that relate to the job.

Of course, the cover letter is important. It becomes a medium to value the professionalism and seriousness of the candidate. That is why you need to be careful in arranging the words in creating a cover letter.

What is the Format of the Personal Assistant Cover Letter?

There is a basic format of the cover letter that you may follow to make a good letter. The format is quite simple. It is:

  • The date of the cover letter
  • The contact information
  • The formal greeting or salutation
  • The opening paragraph
  • The middle paragraph(s)
  • The closing paragraph
  • The complimentary close
  • The signature

How to Make Excellent Personal Assistant Cover Letter?

To make a good cover letter, these are some simple ways that you could follow. The ways are:

  • Finding the right template of the cover letter, so you could know its arrangement
  • Prepare the complete personal data, especially name, address, and others
  • State the details why you are capable to handle the jobs
  • Use the formal language and wording option

Sample of Personal Assistant Cover Letter

There is a sample of the cover letter that can be your inspiration to make it. Read the complete sample below.

Dear Mr. Huge

I am writing this letter to apply for the available personal assistant position. I am a professional with over 10 years of managerial and secretarial experience. In my current position, I stay as an executive secretary that manages the daily schedule of the company and answers the phone calls to the executive office.

I have a great organization and detailed oriented. My skills in time management are excellent and I can handle numbers of tasks at the same time. That is why I feel confident that I could handle kinds of tasks in your company.

Here, I attached my resume for further information about my personality and experience. I also open to further discussion. When you have some questions, please feel free to contact me through messages. Thank you for your attention and time.



That is all about the personal assistant cover letter that you need to know. Since a cover letter is quite important, of course, you need to be careful in creating it. Keep it brief and professional, so the chance to get the job that you want will be bigger.


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