New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter and Its Sample

If you are a new graduate in nursing, you don’t need to worry to find a job. When you see a job opening as a nurse, you can directly write and send a new graduate nurse cover letter. If this is the first time you write such a cover letter and you don’t know how to write it, let’s see the following discussion!

What is a New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter?

This is a kind of cover letter written by a new graduate in nursing who is looking for a relevant job. Not all hospitals or nursing practices look for experienced ones. Sometimes, they offer the opportunity for the new graduates who want to start their careers in nursing.

What Should a Nursing Cover letter include?

A cover letter for a new graduate nurse should be accompanied by your resume. Besides, it should also come with a brief summary of job position you are applying for & your qualifications. If you have relevant achievements, expertise, & practicalities, just feels free to include them.

How to Create a New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter

Ideally, a cover letter for a new graduate nurse contains about 5 paragraphs. Here is how to write it:

  • In the first paragraph, introduce yourself briefly.
  • In the second paragraph, showcase your personality aspects that are relevant to the position you are applying.
  • In the third paragraph, highlight project work experience or internship.
  • In the next paragraph, explain why you are a match for the position.
  • In the last paragraph, finish with a call to action clearly.

Tips for Creating a New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter

It is very important to consider the following tips when you write a cover letter for a new graduate nurse:

  • Use short phrases.
  • Be concise.
  • No more than 4 or 5 paragraphs.
  • Don’t use a copy of a cover letter used for another selection process.
  • Send an original one to each employer.

New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Below is one of the simplest cover letter examples for a new graduate nurse:

Dear Mrs. Susan,

I’m interested in the available position as a new graduate nurse at your hospital. I’ve read the requirements carefully and I meet them all.

I have the skills, training, license, & certifications required to work as a new graduate nurse. I also have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I studied clinical work, liberal arts, science, and healthcare.

My abilities include running diagnostic tests, monitor medication, and follow up the patients’ conditions. I’m also able to follow instructions & respond efficiently and quickly in an emergency.

I’m not only compassionate but also understand how hard for patients & their families when being ill. Fortunately, I’m able to provide emotional support for them.

To arrange a meeting, please call me at (111)-111-1111 or send an email to We can discuss it further in more detail.


Jeremy Jeff

That is all about a new graduate nurse cover letter. Hopefully, the guidelines and a sample above can help you a lot.


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