Effective Date Resignation Letter and Its Sample to Know

Sometimes, you may get some problems in running your job and you cannot enjoy it more so the resignation will be the option to be chosen. Resign from the current job is usual. However, to ask the resignation, you need to make a good effective date resignation letter.

Yes, the resignation letter is a document to communicate with the employer and management about what you want to do. Through this letter, you may state the clear reasons for resignation, so the management could understand your option.

What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a document that is written to announce to the manager that you want to leave the current position or job. Besides the detailed information, the resignation letter also consists of the detailed reasons for resignation.

The letter should be written clearly and the effective date of resignation should be mentioned. Besides, the resignation letter cannot be sent in a hurry, since the management needs to make some considerations before applying the resignation.

What is the Format of a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a formal letter. That is why you need to be careful in writing it, especially by finding the right format for the letter.

The basic format of the resignation letter that you may follow is:

  • Complete contact information and the position at the company
  • An introduction paragraph
  • The effective date of resignation
  • Body paragraph to state reasons and thanks
  • Signature

How to Make Excellent Resignation Letter?

These are some simple ways to make a good resignation letter that you may follow. The ways are:

  • Find the right template of the resignation letter
  • Update the contact information and other detailed information
  • Use the formal wording option and arrangement
  • Complete the letter with objective reasons
  • Make only a page of the resignation letter

Sample of a Resignation Letter

To help you create a good resignation letter, we have a sample of it here. Read the sample below to get more inspiration.

Dear Mr. Tom

Through this letter, I want to inform you of my resignation from my current position as an accountant in your company, Tom’s Communication. I am sending this letter because of personal reasons. The effective resignation date will be February 12, 2011, so please accept this letter before the due date.

During my two last weeks in this company, I will be responsible for my unfinished jobs. I also will try hard to transfer the responsibility and assist some training to make sure that the targets can be handled maximally and finished as is planned.

If you have some questions, especially about the reasons for the resignation, please feel free to contact me through messages. I look forward to hearing the news from you. Thank you for your time and attention.



That is all about the effective date resignation letter that you need to know before leaving your current position. Of course, making a formal resignation letter is important. This letter also could be an appreciation and a media to say thanks to the company that gives you chance to increase your career.




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