Committee Resignation Letter and A Simple Sample

Being a committee sometimes becomes the target of an individual. However, there is also an individual that finds difficulties in running their role. That is why, sometimes, the committee resignation letter is relevant, especially for those who find other priorities.

The resignation letter is a document that is quite important to be made. This document is used to communicate the reasons for leaving. Of course, through this letter, the resignation can be done without any problem.

What is Committee Resignation Letter?

In simple, the resignation letter is a formal document as an announcement that is written and sent to the employer. This letter tells us about the reasons for leaving jobs. Of course, through this letter, communication with the employer will be better.

Something to underline is this letter includes in a formal letter. It means the writing style should be considered seriously. Besides, the employee should send this letter at least two weeks before the last day of working.

What is the Format of the Committee Resignation Letter?

Since a resignation letter is a formal document, of course, there is a format that should be followed when you want to make this kind of letter. The format here will help you to make a clear resignation letter, so detailed information can be known clearly.

The format to make a good resignation letter is:

  • The date of the resignation letter
  • The complete address line
  • The statement of resignation
  • The last day of the work
  • The next step
  • The closing statement
  • The signature

Tips to Make a Good Committee Resignation Letter

These are also some tips that you need to know about making a resignation letter. The tips here will help you to find the best formula for the letter.

Some basic and important tips to be known for making a good resignation letter are:

  • Find the right template of the resignation letter for reference
  • Prepare the objective and logical reasons for leaving the job
  • Use the formal language option and writing style
  • Send the letter around two weeks before the last day of the work

Sample Committee Resignation Letter

To help you make a good resignation letter, there is a sample that can be your reference. Read the sample of this letter below:

Dear Mr. Jacky

Through this letter, I want to announce my resignation from the position as the coordinator on the VGA Committee. As you know, I have been married several times ago and I with my couple decide to move to another place. The far distance becomes the main problem of why I cannot stay in my current position.

I realize that with my current situation, my working as the coordinator cannot be maximal. On another hand, I also have a new target to be reached with my couple. That is why I decide to send this resignation letter.

I apologize for any mistake that I did during my working time in this company. I would be happy to be here and to be a part of your company. The effective date of this resignation is two weeks later and I will try my best to finish all targets before leaving.

For further information, please feel free to call me at (666)-666-7777. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the committee resignation letter that can be a reference. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.


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