USC acceptance letter and its sample 

If you want to notify the new University of Southern California (USC), you need to know how to write a formal and official letter for the institution. In other words, writing the USC acceptance letter should be clear and concisely so that people that read the letter will easily understand the letter without any difficulties.

You should not be confused if you never created this letter before because you will have the steps and the sample below to facilitate your writing the letter. With this idea, you can write the USC acceptance letter template without any difficulties.

How to create a USC acceptance letter

To write this letter, you can follow the steps below to make a good USC acceptance letter format. The steps are simple and you can do it without any difficulties. Here are the steps to do:

  • You need to pay attention that this letter is written in three paragraphs
  • You can begin the letter with a statement of congratulations to the student for his or her acceptance
  • To make it easy to read, you also need to give the student all of the pertinent registration details as well as the admission office’s contact information
  • End your letter with a proper expression of appreciation for the student’s choice of school and remind him or her about the potential that they must strive to fulfill

The tips to write a USC acceptance letter

Besides, you also need some tips below that will guide you to make a better USC acceptance letter idea. With the tips, the letter will look be perfect to read.

  • Write your letter by wondering what to say and how to say it
  • You also need to be sure to pay attention to the USC letterhead and put the date and your signature in the proper place
  • Be concise and try to avoid any repeating information on the letter
  • Apply a professional tone sentence to make it easy to read

The sample of the USC acceptance letter

Furthermore, you also need a sample that will guide you to write a letter. This USC acceptance letter sample also can be your reference when writing the letter. Here is the sample:

Dear Ms. Martha 

I am happy to congratulate you on behalf of everyone at the University of Southern California for your acceptance into our autumn 2015 program. We have received many applications each year and review them with the highest standard of excellence. Your academic history, letter of recommendation has impressed us very much.

Enclose with this letter, you will get the brochures and all the necessary forms for your registration. We hope you will fill them out and return them to us by July 20, 2015, to ensure that your spot remains open and facilitate the registration process. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions. Our telephone number is available at 666-256 8927. We wish you success and thank you to choose USC for your continuing education needs.


Anthony Edgar 

Admission department 

University of Southern California 

That is the USC acceptance letter. It is not difficult as long as you follow the steps and tips above. The sample also will guide you very much to write the letter.



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