Congratulations on Your Retirement Letter and Its Sample

A retirement belongs to an unforgettable moment in a person’s life. It is a good idea to appreciate him/her by sending congratulations on your retirement letter to that person. Here, a personal congrulatory letter is very nice for close working relationships even though it is a group that is signed by all. If you have a plan to create this kind of letter, let’s pay attention to the following discussion!

How to Make Congratulations on Your Retirement Letter

If this is the first time you would like to write such a letter, you can do it on your own by following these steps below:

  • Firstly, you have to find and understand the format well. In fact, different letters have different formats.
  • After that, you can start writing the letter. The content depends on the relationship between you and the recipient.
  • Basically, it starts with a statement of congratulations.
  • In the following paragraph, you should express how the retiree gave many benefits to the company.
  • In the end, you have to wish the retiree well. For example, you can express a desire to stay longer or anything else.

Tips for Writing Congratulations on Your Retirement Letter

This kind of letter must be written carefully. So, the following tips will be useful for you:

  • First, you have to understand the rules and follow the format of this letter.
  • Besides, it must be simple and expressive.
  • Then, you also must use good grammar and dictions.
  • In addition, you should avoid error grammar & misspelling by proofreading it.
  • One more, you have to decide whether you prefer a personal letter or a group one.

The Sample of Congratulations on Your Retirement Letter

If you need a simple example, you can see it below:

Dear Johny,

Congratulations on your retirement! We all understand that you are going to leave us on October 30th 2020. You really served the organization admirably with your professionalism, your ability to keep everything organized, and great attention to detail. Anyway, thank you for your awesome ability to multitask.

It will be difficult to replace your absence. We still need your advice, coaching, etc. Hopefully, the person filling your position has your positive attitude. We all really enjoyed working in team with you. We hear that you are going to move to North California to be closer to your children & grandchildren. We know that this is the best chance to do so. We hope you can relax & enjoy. You really deserve it.

There will be long distance between us. However, we still hope that you can stay in touch. Please keep us updated on you. We can still communicate via phone or social media. Once again, congratulations on your retirement! Wish the best for you!


Cathy, George, Linda, and Jeff

That is all about a congratulations on your retirement letter. Now, you can create such a letter on your own by following the tips and sample explained & presented above.





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