Admission Acceptance Letter and Its Sample

It is very important to know how to create a formal business letter. In this article, we will focus on discussing an admission acceptance letter. It must be formally written on the official letterhead of an institution. Now, let’s pay attention to the following discussion and explanation!

How to Make an Admission Acceptance Letter

This kind of letter usually and ideally comes with 3 paragraphs. Now, let’s pay attention to the following step by step:

  • Before you begin the paragraph, you are required to greet the recipient first.
  • In the first paragraph, you will have to congratulate the student on his/her acceptance.
  • After that, you will need to provide all the needed enrollment details.
  • Then, you should also give your contact information.
  • Next, you must give a nice appreciation for the interest of the student in the university.
  • To end the letter, you have to put your signature and name.

Tips for Writing an Admission Acceptance Letter

You cannot write such a letter carelessly. There are some tips you should consider in writing this kind of letter:

  • First, you have to understand and follow the rules & format of the letter.
  • Besides that, you also need to use good & proper spelling and grammar.
  • Then, you should also pay attention to the dictions.
  • In addition, you must keep the letter brief, concise, formal, and easy to understand.
  • Proofreading is also required to ensure that there are no mistakes and errors.
  • If needed, you may enclose your resume and other supporting documents.

Admission Acceptance Letter Sample

Let’s take a look at the following sample closer so that you will understand the format well. You can also use it for your reference.

Dear Mr. Aldebaran,

On behalf of Venue University, I’m happy to congratulate you on our acceptance of your admission to Venue University. This university is popular with its high standard in academic excellence. We’re delighted on our review of your application. With your good academic history, we’re sure that you will be beneficial for our university. We also hope that you will feel the same way.

You’ll find all the needed enrollment forms attached to this letter. You are required to fill them soon and then return them before December 31st, 2020 to ensure your enrollment in the fall program. You can contact us if there is any question or problem. You can call us at (111)-111-1111 or send an email to We’ll respond you quickly. We’re looking forward to hear from you.

We suggest you to pay attention to this matter. Therefore, we’ll be able to facilitate the process of your enrollment better for the next semester. Hopefully, you’ll find the best experience at Venue University. Wish you all the best for you. Thank you for applying to Venue University.

Yours sincerely,

Clark Simons

Admissions Department

Venue University

That is all about an admission acceptance letter. After sending this letter, you have to give some time to wait for the response from the recipient to reply or call you.


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