Scholarship acceptance letter and the sample 

Saying thank you for scholarship acceptance is the best idea for you to show your happiness. In this idea, you need to write a Scholarship acceptance letter to say thanks. This idea will be essential for you to know how to compose a formal and professional scholarship acceptance. You need to arrange it properly.

Writing this Scholarship acceptance letter form is also essential because this idea will let the students know that their applications have been successful. Moreover, this idea is also important not only for your job but, it is also essential for a student whose life is about changing. Therefore, you need to see some steps below to make it impressive.

How to create a Scholarship acceptance letter 

Write on the official letterhead for the fund, paying close attention to proper grammar and spelling. You also need to know the step to make this Scholarship acceptance letter document. Some steps that should you follow are:

  • Write the donor or organization with the donor’s name on the letter
  • Express your gratitude on the letter by writing it sincerely with an active voice
  • You also need to demonstrate the impact of your letter
  • Looking forward to sharing your plans for the future is also important to write
  • Say thanks again for your letter
  • Signing off with the words sincerely, warm regards, your truly, with sincere thanks, and so forth

Tips to make a Scholarship acceptance letter 

Besides, you also will need some tips to make this Scholarship acceptance letter document interesting to read. Some tips that can be found for you are:

  • Make a list for the donor’s name in your award notification
  • Remember to mention the scholarship by name
  • Let them know how this scholarship has helped you very much for further education
  • Be clear and concise to make it easy to read. It is one page is enough
  • Do not forget to proofread your work to avoid the errors and mistakes for the letter

The sample of the Scholarship acceptance letter 

Moreover, if you want to make this letter interesting, you also can follow the Scholarship acceptance letter sample below that will lead you to arrange the proper scholarship letter as well.

Dear Mr. John Thompson 

On behalf of the Sunlight Foundation, I would like to offer you congratulations on our acceptance of your scholarship application. After careful review of your application and academic achievements, we feel that you are a great choice to receive Sunlight Foundation funds for university expenses involving the tuition, boards, books, and so forth.

The next step is that you only need to fill out and return the enclosed form to receive the funding. Please, do so by October 20, 2019, to ensure your funding for the fall semester. 

We feel confident that you can achieve outstanding things with the help you receive from Sunlight Foundation and trust that you will use it with responsibility. We wish you are a success and hope that you will find your college experience to enrich and fulfill. Thank you for applying with the Sunlight Foundation for your scholarship. 

Yours sincerely,

Roy Hudson 

Roy A. Hudson

Selection committee 

Sunlight Foundation 

That is the sample of the Scholarship acceptance letter. It is not too difficult if you understand this letter as well. Pay attention to the detail to make it easy to read.


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