Union resignation letter and the sample 

The Union resignation letter is one of the formal documents that should be written well. This letter will be the best idea for you to help eliminate any confusion or non-factual information surrounding the resignation.

What should I do to write a Union resignation letter?

To write this letter, you need to understand the goal of the Union resignation letter document. The main purpose of this letter is that for someone who wants to end his or her connection to an organization. Because of that, you need to write this letter properly to make it easy to read.

What are the things to include in the Union resignation letter?

This letter will be easy to read if you can include the proper things in this letter. The most important idea in this letter is the reason why you want to resign from your union membership. Besides, you also need to show your reasons for doing so.

How to create a Union resignation letter

When you want to write this letter, you need to pay attention to some steps below to make your Union resignation letter format interesting. Here are some of the steps:

  • Be specific with the kind of membership you want to resign from and assure the union membership with the appropriate reason
  • You also can edit the items that are already present in the templates
  • Remember to elaborate on your resignation letter

Tips to write a Union resignation letter

You can write this Union resignation idea easier if you get some tips before writing the letter. If you are confused, here are some tips that can be followed:

  • Make a couple of copies after you finished the letter
  • Say thank you after signing off professionally
  • Remember to give the contact details and other important information

The example of Union resignation letter

Before you write this letter, you can read the following Union resignation letter sample that will guide you in writing the letter. This sample will lead you very well to make the letter looking more impressive.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Joyce 

I am writing this letter to notify you that I am resigning from my membership with the union. I am resigning because of personal reasons and I am renouncing all union rights, responsibilities, and privileges effective immediately. Please accept this letter as my official notice of resignation from my union membership. 

If you have any questions due to my resignation, I sincerely apologize and I hope you can get in touch with me at 555-998-8826. If you have any questions suitable for this matter or wish to discuss, I will respect your time and I will ensure that all messages are replied to. 

I believe I have made the best possible choice at this time but I am thankful for the cooperation and advantages of working with the union during my time of membership. I wish you all the best and thank you for your patience and understanding. 



Mark Hughes 

With those ideas, you can make a good Union resignation letter without any difficulties. All you need to write this letter is that it should be clear and honest.


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